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Zippy Shell Portable storage solution for Moving Bliss

Whether you’re remote move-or only in the city, here are the reasons would choose, why me, Zippy Shell portable storage. Best service, best price!!!

Many of you have made my moving saga of Atlanta, GA to Vancouver, WA (#ATLtoVanWA). I've done the newest edition for you – probably the most important of all the posts I’ve so far. I’m so excited to share this with you today – Zippy Shell portable storage solution! I could save the title of this post-so many other things:Moving cross country on a budgetHow to “stuff”, your house is builtThe best way to cross country moving and storage options. . . and on and on.Because there are a couple of truths about our situation, you have to understand. First of all, we’re on a budget. We’re self employed and not rich, and moving cross country is expensive.please also refer to the fact that we’re going about as far as you can go across the country . . . I suppose, unless we lived in South Beach, Florida. Secondly, we have to move two places: an apartment and a Studio.Both are’t great, but they are about 20 minutes away. Our apartment was small . . . only 868 square feet. We never had enough space to run our business, from our apartment, so the studio was a necessity, always.The third thing is really the most important, if.Our move requires a lot of coordination (don’t they all?). And per our mortgage lender, our apartment had to be closed, before our house closing in the beginning of August. You can see where I’m going with this.To ensure the purchase went through, we knew that in may, to sell we’d have the apartment sometime in June or early July, and then move somewhere AND store our items somewhere until the house was finished.That made it a bit more difficult than a house, which is built previously in the possession of or already. Basically, portable storage solution, our only option was.
By a portable storage device, which meant that we’d get a storage containers dropped on our doorstep, we’d fill it, and then you’and d ship it to the West coast.Once our house is finished, we’ll call and it is re-delivered, and we’ll download it again. I’m sure you’ve heard of this. After a lot of investigation of the various services out there, we opted for Zippy Shell!I haven’t cross country moved in a long time, so the choice is required to have a storage containers service is a little research.I made a couple of calls, and these are the actual prices, I rounded up for my move (easily). Budget is a big deal for most people, including me.The prices below includes 30 free days of storage, which seems to be standard for all companies. I called four in total, and this is how you shook up:ZippyShell 15′competitor 16′competitor 16′Mitbewerber-8′$3,300$4,500$4,000$3,500 and small!For us, it is necessary to have at least a 15′ container. You, who clearly won in the pricing game. Zippy Shell!Having said that, I don’t think you can choose a service based solely on price. If your articles come up in their storage container and you open the door, and they are all broken, it’worth more to the front, to make sure that doesn’happen t . . . right?Steve has a. mid century furniture from his parents, which is in perfect condition, and that was another concern for us We wanted to be able to safeguard our positions and to prevent things rubbing against each other.And that's where Zippy Shell was light years ahead of the competition! I don’t think we have understood the importance of their system was until we started packing our products. Let me explain.do The Zippy Shell delivered towed to your house by a truck, and fits in a car Parking lot like most of you. We assigned, for two, so that our neighbors have enough space. The Zippy Shell comes in a trailer, and when you open the doors, this is what you’ll find under: cage. This is the key to your perfect move because they use straps to secure your items! For us, this part was crucial. What happens is, you place your objects in this large cage, and Zippy Shell to your warehouse. Remove the cage and shrink wrap it for safety, and the ship.The cage is in an air-conditioned warehouse until you have it again, then it will be loaded on a trailer and sent back, where they are unloaded. It’s seriously genius, and no other competitor has this cage structure to allow you to pack perfectly and efficiently.And pack perfectly, we have! We filled our Zippy shell right to the edge, and the cage and the seat belts are our best friends. We used about eight belts in our Zippy Shell, the more and more boxes and chairs as needed. Oh, and if you’re wondering how to load the thing, since there’s a ramp that’s stored under the shell, you’ll use. Of course, dogs can also use this ramp to enter your Zippy Shell. I think that Yoshi was a little scared we were going to leave them behind! We have ceased to ask of SO many neighbors to us on our Zippy Shell. I think she wanted to see Steve’s amazing to show packaging job, which he was more than happy to look! We were grateful for the cage “technology” all the time, but especially at the end, if the mattress.We were able to get a belt to support the mattress, then wrap it so that it didn’t bang on our article in transit. Portable storage made easy!! We Packed up our Zippy Shell in two days, and then it had picked up. You can grab it and hold it for three days, if you need it.I also have something VERY important to mention, that I noticed. Everyone at Zippy Shell was amazing to speak with you.I had to call the customer service line and then move to the warehouse and the pick-up time, and these people had no idea I wanted to could blog about the experience – but they were friendly as can be.I was really impressed and it made my day! Steve and I kept commenting to each other about how pleasant the whole experience was. And that’s important, if you are moving cross country and everything, which is exhausting, right?hr class="wp-block-separator"/>disclosure: Zippy Shell, unless you give us a discount for portable storage services in exchange for writing this 100% honest review of your company. There was no additional compensation and all opinions are my own. I really love Zippy Shell and was thrilled to write about you!

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