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You Make Watercolor-Brush-Stroke Refrigerator Magnets

They make these cool watercolor refrigerator magnets with Podgeable shapes, and paper Mod smorgasbord. You look great in a rainbow palette!

Hello, it’s Rachel of lines Across a fun Mod hodgepodge tutorial to share with you. If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve probably noticed that my recent obsession with watercolor with Aqua.
I love your bright colors, and I think there are so many beautiful things that people wouldn’t consider themselves artists at all can make with you.
This project was a bit of an experiment for me. I wasn’t quite sure how these fridge magnets turned out, and played with a few different versions of the same idea, figuring out what looks best for you.
I actually end up with my beautiful set of watercolours (which are rectangular), to these magnets, because they are the most vivid colors. (Check out this post on basic watercolor supplies for more info).
you Could really each of the watercolors for this post, as the round in which some of the images, which you can find here in JoAnn’s for around $8. The colors are just a little less alive, but they are still really nice.

watercolor refrigerator magnets
What you Need:

Podgeable shapes (Sold in the Mod hodgepodge of gear. I used a series of simple rectangular, but there are also many other fun shapes, and some of the charms.)
paper Mod hotchpotch
White cardstock
A flat brush (See this post for a description of the different types of brushes)

What you need to do:
1. You start with the cut pieces of cardboard, about the same size as your acrylic shapes. It’s ok, if you are a little bigger, you can trim later. (You can also use watercolor paper. I cardstock used and it worked very well!)

2. Paint Strokes Of Her Watercolor Brush. You will create a beautiful watercolor look, start by painting a rectangle with plenty of water and less pigment.
Then you get a lot of color on the brush, and go back and add more color to the rectangle, while the first layer is still wet. I especially more to the top of each a to it look like a brush.

3. Let your rectangles are completely dry before proceeding to the next step. If you used a lot of water, the last for a long time, but it’s important that they are completely dry.

4. You use a brush on the paper a rectangle with Mod hodgepodge of paper. I was worried that it was the watercolors bleed would be everywhere (and a bit would be ok), but it didn’t in all. I would just try and suggest that a medium coat over the watercolors and not to brush it, with a lot of force.

5. Attach the acrylic Form, on the upper side of the piece of paper. Press them together completely so that there aren’t any holes or bubbles.
On the first of their watercolour-the area will look a little white because of the Mod-hodgepodge, but that will go away as it dries. You can also add a layer of Mod smorgasbord on the back of the paper to seal it.

6. If you’re dried, cut the paper edges, which protrude may be. Then you attach the magnets to the back and enjoy. You can also clean Mod patchwork on the front with a damp paper towel.
I love how this little fridge magnets to look and of course, I could’t resist a feed like a rainbow.
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