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You Make This Joy Banner-Christmas - Decor - Mod Conglomeration Of Rocks

Make this simple joy banner with wood letters and scrapbook paper! This is, quite simply, Christmas decor – ideal for a mantle or door.

dear reader – you have officially arrived on the blog of someone with the worst memory in the world. I feel like I don’t remember a lot from my childhood compared to other people. My mind is a funnel, through a huge hole.But trademark asked me to write about holiday memories and that got me thinking, what am I supposed to remember? And I realized that I remember a lot about the holidays growing up, and many of these memories are the good ones.There are several things that flood my brain when thinking about the holidays and the young. Here are a few: cooking with my mother, moved from the old ornaments/decorations and tell stories with each purchase of a new Star Trek jewelry from trademark each year (my mom is a Trekkie), watching Star Wars on Christmas (I’m a big fan!) and, of course, Tinker.We have always done things when I was young, but the holiday was when we got to build together as a family. I loved crafting and I love it now, and I appreciate these items that we have made together.So I’m not really dominant, but I encourage you, these kind of memories with their children, either in the holidays or in the new year. And it just so happened, I’ve got an activity for you!This “JOY” banner is one that can do the whole family together – and it can be customized in many ways.change the paper or color . . . You can choose the word is different/longer, if you . . . but I love that anyone can work on a letter and a contribution to this piece of holiday decor. If you want to learn how you can make it, then read on!you Make a joy Bannerthe Collect:Mod hodgepodge sparkle wood letters, the spelling of the holiday saying of your choice – mine came with the screws and tape. If you don't, you can buy the Cup hook and ribbon in your craft store, Christmas scrapbook paper – 3 coordination sheet Christmas ornaments and stickers, multiple coordinating rhinestones, glue, a minimum of 10 coordinating folkart acrylic paint – 3 coordinating colors (I used Bright Green, engine Red and Hot Pink)Craft paint brush scissors pencil or pen
Take your wooden letter and lay the scrapbook paper face up GlueFlat. They track the shape – repeat with the other letters. Use a different sheet of paper for each letter.Use your scissors to cut the letter shapes out of the paper. Set aside.Paint your joy banner letters with coordinating acrylic paints. Paint the entire back, but you just have toyou don't need to paint the whole front because the paper will be received. Isn't that lovely?to Grab these pieces of scrapbook paper that are shaped like your letters. Paint a medium layer of Mod conglomeration, focusing on your letters and make sure the corners well.Put you paper down and smooth with your fingers or roll with a brayer. Smooth, smooth, smooth! Until all air bubbles are gone. The other letters and then set them aside for 15 – 20 minutes.When your letters are dry, spread Mod smorgasbord on the upper side of the paper to the letters. A medium coat spread. Let it dry for 15 – 20 minutes, then spread another layer. Do not forget to coat the back of your letters as well! Let dry.at this time, replace the hook in your letters, or if you had to buy, turn the screw in the top of your letters. Should you don't have to drill. Simply push down and turn the screw in the top.Use your craft glue to add embellishments to the letters. I added chipboard shapes, rhinestones and stickers. Decorate however your little heart desires!When you are finished, allow to dry for 24 hours and then string ribbon. Mine came with tape, but if you don't, buy your letters, then about 1 foot of ribbon per letter for you to say. Hang and admire! you Make a joy banner like this is ideal for the creation of these special holiday memories. Merry Christmas!I used wooden letters in a different Christmas craft, the NOEL wall hanging. Check it out:

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