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You make Baseball bookends (and Hit a Home Run)

Are you looking for an original idea for the sports fan in your life? Learn how to support the book! These baseball bookends use to personalize scrap wood and Mod-smorgasbord.

Need a great project for the sports-oriented man (or woman) in your life? This week, man Podger Walter is the perfect idea – decoupage-baseball-book offers support. All you need are wood and Mod-hodgepodge (well, and a few other things). I’ve never told you, but my grandfather was a Brooklyn Dodgers was.
Yep! His name is Herbert Olson was, and he was a looker. I’m not sure for how long – but I know it was left in the late 50’s/early 60’s.
He not died so very long, so I kind of think of this as a tribute to him. Man Podger Walter had no idea that he something with so much meaning for me. Here’s how to this book support for self.
This project is a support for a book! You are able to duplicate any delivery for a few.

How to Baseball book
step 1
These are the supplies that you need:

2 – 5 x 5″ are based; Wood
4 wood screws
Mod hodgepodge gloss
Plaid FolkArt paint, I used licorice
tape measure and/or ruler
foam brush
Self-Stick rubber Pads

step 2:

measure approximately 1 1/2″ in at each end of the left and right sides.
you Drill a hole; I used a counter sink bit.
next, hold the drilled 5″ x 5″ wood upright to the other piece (base).
Put an awl through the hole, penetrating into the base – which makes for better contact when they are assembled.

step 3:
paint the wood pieces with the licorice. FolkArt paint dries so quickly!

step 4:
Decoupage-paper and cardboard! This is the step where all the cut pieces of paper decoupaged on.

tip: I suggest using Mod-smorgasbord of tools for ease and accuracy.
I put like, all as shown on the photo. This way I know what pieces decoupaged to the right place. I have a beautiful green textured cardstock for the outside and the edges of the book cover. Then I rose to the vintage images, the last. Let it dry for at least 15 minutes.

step 5:
- seal of the two pieces. I love using FolkArt water base varnish (792 Satin Finish). This paint dries in 15 minutes. Two coats and set it to dry it aside for a further 15 minutes. Clean-up is so easy. . . Soap and water!
step 6:
Ready! Fasten the two screws in the base plate with a screwdriver. Base is finished! Easy . . .

you can industry to attach glue like E-6000, the baseball in the place


I eyeballed where the contact was and drilled through the upright piece, and then screwed to place the baseball. Either way works, but “I am a perfectionist at times”, and attached to the baseball with a screw.
last step: Attach the four self-stick rubber pads to the base. This holds the cover to move.
book cover is complete. I think I hit a home run with this project! You can try different variations to fit your liking. Don’t forget to order two so that you can support a complete set of baseball book!
Walter, thank you so much – you'll hit a home run. To all, please visit the rest of the man Podger projects here.

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