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You make a magical Desktop Fairy Garden

Create a desktop fairy garden GNOME, forest animals and other forest accessories. Customize with glitter and Modmelts!br> Have you noticed that fairy gardens are beginning to pop up everywhere? I’m kind of obsessed with them. I’ve always loved gnomes and other magical forest creatures, such fee to appeal to gardens, the imaginative side of me.
recently, I was in Michaels and noticed the amazing amount of accessories that you have gardens in your flower market is only for fairy tales. Michaels has supplied 1.800 flowers & green in their new flower market, including the trendy succulent plant, real-touch-flowers, fairy-tale garden. Here you can learn more about it.
SO – while I was at Michaels, I discovered a mossy basket, and then it hit me – I needed to make a desktop fairy garden! I live in a condo, so that I can place don’t have a place in the open air, fairy, houses, and accessories . . . but why should I miss out on the fun??
This desktop garden is perfect, because I don’t to miss on the fun. I can get all the gnomes and fairy houses and small forest animals that I want to – and keep it on a shelf or a table plate. This is the perfect addition to your spring decor, and children love it too!
; right out of the box,”, but I made a couple of custom touches, with Mod-smorgasbord just for the fun of it. Let me show you what I've done.
Make a Desktop Fairy Garden
Collect These Supplies

Fairy garden supplies and accessories – all my Melts from Michaels
Glitter in various colours
Mod hodgepodge gloss
Mod Melter
Mod – neon
Mod Mold – Flowers
craft glue
- scissors

The first thing I did was paint the roof of my flower house. To reach it’s really easy this look –,; just a little mix of glitter with a small amount of Mod-hodgepodge and stir. Then the paint directly on the roof and let it dry. Paint several layers, as desired!
My little Munchkins needed some pizazz as well. For your little garden friends, simply paint Mod smorgasbord on various parts of their outfits and flowers, then sprinkle glitter sprinkle and allow to dry.
in addition to glitter on the houses of the fairies, I wanted to add some additional sheet ornaments with my Mod Melter, Mod molds, Mod Melts. Now, this is a part of the project you could really go crazy! I have gardens the flower Mod molds and there are leaves and flowers that are perfect for the fairies.
I used the Green Neon Mod melt sticks to fill in the forms, so I didn’t to paint. If you use the clear or white sticks, just place them in the molds and paint, whatever colors you like . . .
then stick it on the front of the houses of the fairies, as shown.
I get the feeling that my desktop garden is kind of like a bonsai tree. I constantly tend to it – change and add embellishments as I see fit.
make The happy little gnomes and animals make me smile, and I get them in the fairy-tale fun as the people with large backyards and oak trees.
Would you try this whimsical project? Let me know in the commentsknow!br>

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