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You make a advent wreath with Vintage cards

David shows you how to make a Christmas wreath with vintage Christmas cards-and Outdoor-Mod-hodgepodge. It’s so simple!

I have, for my whole life been drawn to cool graphics. This has led to the hoarding of cool graphics. The problem was, I knew what to do with them.
Well, I don't know what to do with them, until the Mod-hodgepodge came from (actually, I think it is always so, technically, I'm the one who "came"). This led me to a advent wreath!
Christmas is my favorite time of year and vintage Christmas Cards some of my favorite graphics. I wanted to come up with a funny way to show you some of them, but I wanted it to be more than just a solid lay out, or pin them to the wall.
I am also way behind on my holiday projects so I needed it fast, easy, and cost-effective. I could the idea for a wreath hanging on a door or over a mantle.
I grabbed the following

Vintage cards, supplies: Christmas wreath

A thrift store frame ($2.00)
Some of the thin piece of wood
Some of the scrap wood spacers
Vintage Holiday Cards
White spray paint (not pictured)

And these tools:

was looking for A glue gun
foam brush
knife (not pictured)

I to cards in different sizes and shapes. I scanned the cards, blew it up and printed them – I didn't want to pay for copies or go to Kinkos, so I made them all 8.5×11, or smaller.
Next, with my knife, I cut the thin piece of wood just a hair smaller than the dimensions of the cards. I then Mod Podged the copies of the cards on the scrap wood and set them aside to dry.br>In the meantime, I gave my frame a quick coat of white spray paint to blend it a little.
If the cards were mounted dry, I trimmed the protruding edges for a beautiful, well-groomed appearance. I then went over all the cards with a sealing coat of Outdoor Mod-hodgepodge – I have to work on my wreath for outside and inside, so I went for the full Mod-patchwork protection – and set them aside to dry.
According to the Outdoor Mod smorgasbord was dry for a couple of hours it was time to get it all.
around in the holder in place

After the hot glue had enough time to heal, I put my wreath on the front door.

I think I could fill a few more cards to it out a little bit, but I'm satisfied with it.
The entire project only took a couple of hours (without drying time) and the only real cost was for the thrift store frame.

Happy Holidays Everyone! Don’t forget to visit David on his blog, Etsy, or on Facebook.

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