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You Can use a photo handbag for a few cents

You make a nice photo handbag with a bag, which you already have in your wardrobe! Use this tutorial to get the look – it’s a great gift idea!
haven’t tried If you Mod patchwork photo transfer medium, it’s pretty awesome stuff. It does exactly what it promises – transfer of photographs on surfaces! It’s not a clear/transparent transfer of photos, but it puts a white background behind the photo.
This makes it nice when doing projects like Candie did above – you can show a photo directly transfer to a printed surface, and the background doesn’t.
I love Candie’s purse idea, and I think it would be fun to take a picture of one of my dogs in a purse. So that everyone would know (instead of just) that I’m a weird dog lady.
Whose face would you handbag on a photo? Learn how to do it below.
Personalized photo wallet
Collect These Supplies

Canvas-fabric piece
color copy of the photos (should laserjet or other dry ink, printer)
paper towel
wax paper
hot glue and glue sticks

Cut out the photo and place on wax paper.
according to the manufacturer's instructions, paint a thick coat, the MP photo Transfer Medium onto the printed side of the photo. It is important to see that you are not able to be, the photo below the middle.
Pick-up-photo-by-piece carefully by the edges and rotate them on a piece of canvas. Smooth the photo down lightly with your Finger. Wipe off any excess with a paper towel. Let it dry for 24 hours.
Once dry, moisten the paper backing with a sponge and let sit for two minutes.
Remove the paper backing by rubbing in a circular motion with a sponge. Be careful not to RUB through the photo.
When the paper is removed, leave the photo to dry. Once dry, it can areas, the far more paper.
Once the photo piece is finished, cut applied the photo with ribbons and ornaments with hot glue.

you Stick the photo pieces for the purse.
project courtesy of Plaid Enterprises

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