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You Can Printable't creativity

“you can’t creativity . . . ” is a famous quote by Maya Angelou! We put on a FREE-printable-so you could add it to your facility.

Have you heard this cool quote?the "you can't use up creativity," Maya Angelou emphasizes. the “the more you use, the more you will have. It is our shame and our loss, if we deter people from being creative. We sit next to these people, the should not set apart people, we assume, is not a so-called artistic temperament, and the stupid.To instead promote often the creativity is stifled. A climate needs to be encouraged to think in new ways, to perceive, to question. People also need to feel that they are needed."I love this quote so much. I feel like sometimes I’m concerned, to be creative, because I want to don’t have to use it all! This is a great reminder that creativity should be cultivated. I made a printable with the beginning of the quote, so I could hang it on my wall, and look at it often!Now I’m sharing with you have. Download this printable below. It’s size 5 x 7, so you should be able to make any size smaller than that, no problems. Enjoy . . . and stay creative!Download printBaren here If you love, with this “you can’t use up creativity,” printable quote, I’ve got some other freebies you might like:quotes About sister free Dorm poster Walt Disney curiosity rate printable Thank you CardBe Positive-Printable

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