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You can make photo vases with the Most Unique Material

you won’t believe this genius Mother’s Day craft idea – David makes photo vases from PVC pipe! He added personalized images and transform these DIY vases in the perfect gift.skills Required: medium level. you can choose to use a miter saw or cut the pipe for you. The hole in the wooden plate, to make room for pipes and tubes optional. Your only challenge Mod Podging laserjet photo-images to the pipes without wrinkles, so you should do some Mod-to experience the smorgasbord.If you try and don’t have to Mod Podging experience, it mean doesn’t, you can’t! But I would first test on a small piece of pipe.

Everyone has a mother, also the man Podger David. No, he wasn’t brought down to a clever alien space ship, even if sometimes his projects are out of this world! That was a terrible joke, by the way.David’s decoupage-gift for mother’s Day is a collection of photo vases from PVC pipe, so that, even though my joke was bad, it was quite true. Here’s how he vases of this DIY.hr class="wp-block-separator"/>I get a lot of requests for Mother's Day themed items in my Etsy Shop, so I had vacation on the brain when I visited Home Depot recently. I found myself, as I do often, in front of all the PVC piping thinking "there must be something I can do with it!" PVC pipe crafts for the victory.There are so many great shapes and sizes and it's all so cheap, but I've never able to come up with something. And all of a sudden dawned on me that I could use to make the different lines DIY vases.
And then I thought, why don't you cut the pipes in old photos and make a fun, nostalgic photo vases for a mother's Day celebration? For a total cost of about $12.PVC Tinker tube: DIY vasesCollect These SuppliesPVC pipes – various widthsPVC the pipesPVC tube caps;cement outdoor Mod PodgeWooden plaque for a base, painted with the color of your choice (mine is from Michaels) glue (I used E-6000) Laser copies of old photosFoam brush (not in picture)ToolsKapp and sawForstner Bit and drill (optional)you Glue the Vasestep 1. Cut the PVC pipe in various lengths. I cut my tube in lengths of 8″ – 11″ tall – just eyeballing what I thought was good. I have a miter saw, but any saw through it to cut through the plastic.If you buy your PVC pipe from the hardware store, you can ask them to cut it for you (then you won’t need a saw). step 2. Next, (according to the manufacturer's instructions), I used the PVC glue to cement the caps on the bottom of the tubes, and set them aside to dry. This guarantees that there is no water in the pipes escapes through the floor. If you don’t plan to water skip in the photo-vases (if you’re with fake flowers), can this step.preparing imagesstep 3. Collecting and scanning old family photos. I resized each photo to fit a specific pipe I took each photo, tall enough and wide enough to wrap around the named pipe. I also played a little with the hue of each image, some contrast and a more vintage look.step 4. The photos print on plain paper with a laser printer. Laserjet ink is the key – I knew that I would enjoy, which is running pictures in the water and inkjet ink. FedEx Kinkos or staples to get a laser copy of the brackets for you if you need.Soak the imagesWhy are you soft pictures for these DIY vases? Because this is the best way to have the images printed on the laserjet, the round surface, with no wrinkles. You’ll be surprised at how well it works. step 5. I left the picture in a little water, and while wet, I coated the outside of the PVC pipe with Outdoor Mod-hodgepodge. I then removed the image from the water and gently allowed my fingers to remove excess water.Mod smorgasbord of the Vase,Then I applied the image to the tube, to bladder with my fingers to smooth the air, I etc. to seal the decoupaged where the ends overlap of the paper (without top coat yet, only at the overlap). I did this for each tube, and then set it aside to dry. step 6. This next step is completely optional. I used two Forstner bits to drill holes in the wood plate so that my DIY sit vases. It gives the project a more finished look and provides additional stability.step 7. I gave the photo vases with a sealing coat of Outdoor Mod smorgasbord, and when this was dry, cut off all the excess paper from the tops and bottoms. Fix the Vasestep 8. Next, I glued the pipes to the base using E-6000. (NOTE: If you don't have the holes in step 6, then simply glue the pipes directly to the base.I've checked, and it will work – my guess is that the cluster of the tubes closer together so that they touch each other, a little extra stability.)After everything had time to dry completely (24 hours), fill the tubes with water and place vases of flowers in your photo. If you like PVC pipe Tinker, I’d love for you to give this a try! Some more thoughts on this project:I think next time I will use the color of the tops of the PVC pipes for a more finished look.It occurred to me that this could be a very adaptable thing. If you have a thicker base plate and drilled deeper holes you could skip gluing the tubes in place and let the base hold.
Then you could then decoupage other tubes with colorful graphics or fabric or what have you, and if you wanted to, change the tubes to suit your mood!/ol> I hope you like the vases my DIY. Don’t forget to visit me on my blog, Etsy, or on Facebook!

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