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You build a wood tool Caddy From cutting boards

You can build a wooden tool caddy with two thrift store cutting boards and a few other simple supplies. It’s easier than you think!

Can you believe that man Podger Walter built the wooden tool caddy from scratch? I know! He’s good. You definitely have to check out his tutorial – create your own, or you can use the tag of an old wood tool box in the same way. It’s so much fun. And Cute!

For this new project, I must admit, this is by far my favorite! I enjoyed making this. It is my fascination for vintage combines Fisher-Price toys, and my LOVE for vintage illustrations!
especially since I took my grandfather’s approach to manufacturing. My grandfather was always so “folk art” and “primitive” of furniture and objects with a lightweight construction. No doubt, this experience led me to study illustration and design of furniture.
people always ask me how I come up with my ideas. I'm telling you, it comes to just about everything and everyone. I use my iPhone to take photos of objects that inspire, far take notes and/or sketches and doodle!
tell you how this wood tool caddy project has come. Sometimes, after working too hard in my studio, I have only one way trip to fuel my imagination
trips to vintage shops, craft and wood supply stores are on the top of the list.
One afternoon I went to a vintage junk shop, where I saw two mini-cutting boards for 50 cents per piece. These sites could, to a “tool box”. . . Then I came across a (discarded) little Golden book “GOOD NIGHT, LITTLE BEAR,” illustrated by Richard Scarry (also for 50 cents).
I paid for my finds and went to my favorite wood supply store. It’s like walking into a candy Shop – all the shapes and sizes of wood elements. in the bargain-I saw that on 12″ green dowels for 35 cents, and knew I had my handle.
. Who doesn’t have a drawer or a jar of various screws? No measurements, just use what you have on hand.
you Build a wood tool Box
Collect This

2 sides for the ends
dowel (at least 1″ Supplied; in diameter) tip: Use an old broom
2 handle longer pieces for the sides of the tool box (not pictured)
1 piece for the bottom (not pictured)
stainless steel finishing washers
Mod hodgepodge gloss
book pages or other paper

This step is optional, but it simplifies the Assembly and a sturdy handle. So don’t worry if you don’t Forstner bit(s) have.
My dowel was 1″ inch wide, so I used a 1″ Forstner bit and drilled about in the middle, so that an indent for the dowel to rest. Then cut the sides to the desired size.
next, I was all primed to have my pieces with Kilz primer and allow to dry. Then I painted with FolkArt Engine Red – I leave this to dry and then the edges sanded for a primitive look.
After the work dried piece, mounted I the tool box without screws. Looks great! Now cut the pieces with any Mod collection!
tip: I use a Mod hodgepodge Brayer to the air bubbles. Let it dry for at least 15 minutes. Then you glue all the pieces with Mod-hodgepodge, and do not spray the preferred sealer over the top.
you are ready to assemble. Plug one end of the anchor to the (inside) side piece and repeat the process for the other side-piece. Then with an awl to mark where you want to, with two screws,go to each page.br>you Use a battery drill to pre-drill each pilot hole. Then attach each to the bottom. I used stainless steel finishing washers for aesthetic purposes – they are about a Dollar for a bag of 6.
I bought two bags at The Home Depot. I like the look of . . . Repeat the same steps for the sides of the tool box and you are done.
TIP: line the inside with a little plastic Cup for compartmental storage for crayons, markers, colored pencils, blue sticks etc. This bag is also ideal for holding different Mod smorgasbord of lenses. The case makes for a nice craft for the artisan on the go!
you can also caddy a few books in their wooden tool, then it acts as a special keepsake for a child’s room! I like the way this came out.
The washers in stainless steel, a special Note to add to this tool box caddy. Who was it that said, “A man’s trash is another man’s treasure?” they were definitely right! Let me know what you think in the comments.

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