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Wonder Park character DIY bag

disclosure: This post is sponsored by Paramount Pictures. All opinions are 100% my own.My niece and I look forward to the celebration of the publication of Wonder Park, the theatre March 15th, with these cute character bags! Learn how to save with craft supplies, including paint and felt. You’re so easy! When I was a kid, I had a great imagination! It was a mossy hill in the vicinity of our house in Washington state, and I called her “green paint”, because it looked like a can being dumped over. I told my mother about a series of characters that lived there, including one with the name Jolie, and another by the name of Tom. I wonder if my vivid imagination influenced as a child my creativity today. It sure seems like it was!!I’m a big fan of films, promotion of children’s imagination and creativity, and I’m so excited for this new Version . . . Wonder Park tells a story of a Wild, creative girl named June, the imagines, a magnificent amusement park that is alive!in celebration of the new movie, my niece and I made some funny character-tote bags with the characters of Greta and Boomer. Greta, a warthog, my favorite character, because her take-charge attitude. My niece’s favorite character Boomer, a big blue bear is, because he’s entertaining and endearing. And the funny thing: my niece reminds me of June, because of your adventurous spirit! This tote bags are so easy to make with a few simple materials. I’ve also paint them with templates so that all you have to do, and cut them out of felt. Make these with your kids and then go see the movie! Know how to do it below. Wonder Park character tote bagsCollect These Suppliescanvas tote acrylic paint made for the material (or multi-surface)Mod-hodgepodge SatinFelt piece – blue, dark brown, light brown, ivory, pinkFelt glueTemplates – LINK here paint brush stencil tape – 1" Paint your bag, lay it flat down on a protected surface. Tear pieces of 1″ painter’s tape, or template tape for hemming the edges. Line up the tape with the outer edge of the dead. Work around the edge of the bag with the painter’s Band, including the corners. Smooth to the bottom. I have a secret for you, go to the fabric color from bleeding! Paint a line of Mod smorgasbord to the edge of the bag and a painter’s Band. It dries clear and seal the tape to paint so that can’t bleed through. I used Satin Mod hodgepodge, because the color that had the used I with a satin finish. Let it dry for about 15 – 20 minutes. Start painting a medium layer of acrylic paint on the dead man, with a brush. Work all the way around the bag until it’s completely covered. You’ll use blue color for Boomer and brown color for Greta. While the paint is still wet, pull away the tape. Don’t you LOVE how crisp my painted border is?? Let the paint dry for a few hours, or you can use to speed up a hair dryer to the drying process. Print the Greta and Boomer templates, and grab your felt. Cut each piece of to the last images of the dead. For Greta, it’re going to medium-brown ears, with dark brown centers. your muzzle is pink with medium brown centers, and their horns with ivory. Cut-out Boomer’s nose and ears. His ears are blue with a light brown center. His face is light brown with a medium brown nose and dark brown nose. Add the felt, glue the pieces of felt and glue them to the dead, how the finished project will be shown on the. As you can see, it’s so simple that even a child could do it! You could these kinds of tote bags for all of the characters in the film (also the Chimpanzombies!). Here’s the last Greta tote with its cute snout and horns. The Boomer's dead makes me so happy – just like the character of Boomer in the movie!What do you think? You will love our Wonder Park carrying bags, and would you like to do?? Plan, as you can see, Wonder Park, on 15 March? Let me know in the commentsknowAlso, before I go, check out the trailer for Wonder Park – it will give you a great idea of what the Film is about, and it has Greta and Boomer, and I know you'll love it. Get your tickets now at WonderParkMovie.com!center>

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