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Wine Bottle Crafts: Light My Bottles!

If you love wine bottle crafts, these lanterns are easy to make with tissue paper and Mod-hodgepodge. The bottle lights are easy to install and make the project!

With summer just around the corner, I’m going to spend some serious time on the porch – especially in the evening.means div class="height-space">I’ve seen the wine bottle crafts, candles, but I’m burning is not allowed candles on my apartment porch. And honestly, I want don’t, the risk columns on a porch with wood anyway!I believe, however, want, enjoy the incidence of a fantastic light. To reach I managed this with a few simple supplies, such as wine bottles, Mod conglomeration, and tissue-paper – and of course, fun light My bottle Lights up.If you see haven’t this . . . I can wait’t to show you the finished project, and how they work. Here’s how I set up my project!wine bottle craftsCollect These SuppliesClear wine bottles – you can recycle your own, or you can get here tissue paper – you can buy the tissue paper and cut in shapes; I have this pre-cut onesMod hodgepodge gloss light My bottle of light – a per bottle white spray primer scissors paint brushBefore you begin, to wash you’re you going to dry the outside of the soap side of the bottles with a mild, and then leave them.
I was lucky and found some fancy tissue-paper cut-outs on the opponent at a distance. If I had not found these on clearance, I would be one of two things: either out tissue paper shapes dancing with the stack of tissue paper and a die cutter, or cut the tissue paper into any shape with scissors. Grab your handy dandy bottle of Mod-hodgepodge. I have the gloss for this project. as soon As you will start to cut out your tissue paper shapes, and/or you’ve they are not as organized as you want them to have – to apply them to the bottles of wine. To do it’s very easy. Simply brush a layer of Mod hodgepodge of gloss on the bottle, press the shape, smooth, Mod smorgasbord of over the top. Next, overlapping shapes and working your way to the bottle. Now – I usually tell them the application of the Mod-hodgepodge, something, smooth out the paper and let it dry for 15 – 20 minutes before you apply top coat.This is a bit different, because it is the layering AND the paper is so thin. It actually works better in this case, you put the decoupage medium to the bottom, place the mold on the upper side, smooth with the fingers, and then you just go right over the top. I’ll give you a little insight into my Bizarre world for a second. I'm doing exactly what I said, and then, if I’m smoothing I hold the brush in my thumb and index finger and my middle finger to smooth.Because I find that tissue paper WILL bubble and wrinkle. Also when my project is finished, I’ll have left a few wrinkles. I care don’t you. It adds to the character!you Finish your bottle, by trimming the shapes, so you can cover around the bottom edge. Then let the bottles dry completely. While your bottles are dry, spray paint it light your light My bottle. I took one for the team and did a bit of experimenting, first . . . because honestly, I know I didn’t, if I were to spray in the location you are painting.But it worked well! DON’T leave the lights attached when you do it, and don’t spray in the hole where the lights plug in.I love this spray painting discovery, because I feel like I could turn any color I want! Let them dry and then insert the batteries and the lights.
to Add a glow to your bottles . . . And then you turn to the glow see! Wrong’t this wine bottle craft is perfect for your porch? Or for the parties? Or just regular home decor? To know I’d love how you would use the light of My bottle of lights in the comments!

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