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Wild and Crazy Cabinet doors

Today I’ I;d like to give a shoutout for my foreign readers – thank you so much for dealing with a blog, written by an eccentric (but lovable) Americans. There are a lot of Mod Podgers all over the world, and I really think it’s the glue that brings all of us.I’m not just saying that.The Cabinet did was Beatriz with the substance of the Almighty IKEA. If you are looking for a simple way to tag a Cabinet, the fabric on the doors is about as easy as it goesI love the way the kitchen it really is Beatriz’s lit and also matches the tablecloth. Sometimes matchy-matchy is good.Visit here for Beatriz’s post, and don’t forget to prepare your fabric before Mod Podging. To prepare the fabric makes it so that when you cut it, it won’t fray at the ends. You can see how I prepare my fabric here.

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