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How to Decorate a Vase with tissue paper

Learn how to decorate a vase with tissue paper and Mod-hodgepodge. So a simple way to update a level piece of glass, and makes a great gift!
Are you a fan of flowers? If you are a chick like me, then the answer is probably “Yes.” I can be picky about my flowers, and that could be funny, but I like white flowers I find white cut tulips are particularly beautiful.
you are smooth and easy and look great in decorative vases, which I have several (hi, decoupage addict). I’m going to show you how to decorate a vase with tissue paper and make it pretty flowers to hold!
I have recently set up a large glass vase with tissue paper, and I think it’s nice for the display of white tulips. I love the vase in the kitchen to brighten my mood in the morning, or even decorating a vase just like this and give tulips as a gift.
The tissue paper makes it a perfect budget craft, and I love the DIY ombre pattern. Here’s how it’s made.
How to Decorate a Vase with tissue paper
Collect These Supplies have

Large glass vase
Sizzix Big Shot (if you don’t, you can use an online template and cut the tissue paper with scissors)
Sizzix die – Level leaves
Mod smorgasbord of Satin
Tissue paper in at least 3 colors

I have my cutter and die cutting the shapes I wanted for my vase. The nice thing about tissue paper is that you can fold it and cut many layers at once.
The most time consuming part of the project, the cutting of stacks of several sheets. How many you need just depends on how big your vase is – this took about ten minutes for me. You can always cut if you need to.
Start with the darkest shadow on the ground, if you are just an ombre vase like I – put your mid-tone color in the middle and the lightest on the top. Layer the leaves with Mod-smorgasbord.
I have them overlap slightly . . . all you have to do is paint the vase with Mod-smorgasbord in an area, put the tissue paper down and then paint it delicately over the top. Just be careful not to brush too hard so that you can tear it don’t the tissue paper.
I’m so excited about the finished project. Now you know how to a vase, decorate with tissue paper! My method keeps the fabric from wrinkling. All you need to do to complete, fill your vase with tulips!
. You don’t have to, just go for white either . . .

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