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To Decoupage, such as fabric On the shelves

Those boring shelves give a complete makeover – decoupage fabric with Mod hodgepodge hardware Coat – this is a simple and budget-friendly project!
Hi! This is Heidi from hands Occupied with tips on how to decoupage fabric onto shelves. It’s easier than you might think – especially if you’re working with something like a simple shelf.
I had some shelves, because I moved into a new apartment, and the black shelves went well with my old living room decor, so much with my new kitchen decor, the’s an all-white, natural-finish wood and light green.
Decoupage With fabric On shelves

wood-the shelves, the loop in need of a makeover
Mod hodgepodge Matt
Mod smorgasbord of Hard Coat
(optional) & primer supplied
(optional) iron
tape measure
sponge paint brush

Start by sanding and priming your shelves (if needed). The color of the shelf is through the Material you cut you know what you’ll whether or not a primer is necessary.
My shelves are the ones, ekby bjarnums from Ikea, in the dark surface, with bracket trim left and right ends show, so I just needed to initial the front edge, the top and bottom of the shelves. My fabric is white, what is the reason why I used white primer on my shelves, which, by the way.
Cut a piece of fabric large enough to cover your shelf plus a half inch at the ends. Again, since my shelf only required coverage on the top, bottom and front edge, I only needed a rectangle large enough to wrap around my shelf like a Christmas present, but with open ends on the short sides of the shelf and a bit of extra on the long side, wrap the fabric over the edge, in front of the wall the shelf is mounted.
Then apply a layer of Mod-hodgepodge Mat on one side of a shelf, and align the fabric so that it frees up space on the shelf, so that about an extra half inch of fabric hanging on the first end. Now is the time to adjust to the fabric perfectly straight – you won’t be able to after this step. If you’re all lined up, smooth the fabric onto the shelf and Mod-smorgasbord.
to Apply the Mod-smorgasbord, the front edge of the shelf and carefully fold the fabric over it, smoothing it into place comfortably. To draw you feel free, on the substance than necessary, but don’t pull it so hard as your stretch fabric strangely, they distort the pattern.
next, paint Mod conglomeration on the third side of the shelf and smooth the fabric in place. It should be about a half inch extra fabric on the raw of the fabric. Paint a last layer of Mod-collection on the wall edge of your shelf and keep the rawends on it.br> The next phase is – on one side at a time – color-Mod-hodgepodge all over the outside of the fabric and use a brayer to force the Mod-smorgasbord, all the way through the fabric. All four sides and let the shelf dry completely.
After your shelves are dry, paint over all four sides again with a layer of Mod smorgasbord of Hard coating, and let your shelves dry completely once again. Before hanging, let them sit and cure for four days.
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