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How to Dry acorns for Craft projects

Are you ready for fall? You will learn how to dry acorns for your autumn projects! To prevent worms, and to find out how the conservation of acorns for decor.
When autumn comes around ready, I’m going outside and start harvesting natural materials for craft projects. To find one of my favorite things these big fat acorns from the majestic oak trees are. In fact, one year I painted them (in my article, as you acorns to paint for the fall).
But I didn’t is that you have to drying, or animal – i.e., thick weevil larvae – crawling out of them. I’m going to show you how to dry acorns for craft projects, so you never have to be gross out by acorn beasts again.
What I didn’t know – the reason for this is that the acorns that you collect on the ground, the worm-y, because the squirrels leave them behind. the of course you do. squirrels are smart and they can figure out how to eat, one of the most difficult bird-feeder. In order to let you’re going, the nasty worm nuts behind.
The good news is, the thick-weevil-larvae can’t hurt you. To bite, you don’t and won’t ruin everything, what one gets out in your home if. However, you don’t want to deal with them, so that you’ll want to dry them first before you Tinker with them. You will learn how to dry acorns at the bottom!
Gather How to Dry acorns
it Supplies

baking sheet
water bowl

step One: after harvesting their acorns, put them to soak in a bowl of water or in a colander and rinse them. You may want to use an old toothbrush to scrub dirt, if you have one. Otherwise, soak in a bowl most of the dirt away.
step Two: Spread them on a towel to dry for at least an hour. If one of the nuts look gross after washing and drying, you throw. removed.
you may See a number of acorns with the small holes. This is a sign of insects, but the drying of the acorns will kill you, so don’t worry!
step Three: Preheat your oven to the lowest setting F – mine is 200 so that’s what I have done. Put sheet the acorns in a single layer on a baking. You’ll want to use a cookie sheet with a lip, so that none of the acorns roll-off. Put sheet the acorns in the oven to the baking and leave the door slightly cracked so moisture can escape.
step Four: Check on the acorns every 30 minutes, and then roll it around a bit. If you see all the acorns to brown too much, turn off the oven and drop the acorns. It is still “cooking.” you’ll want to leave the acorns in the oven for about 1.5 – 2 hours.
step Five: Remove the acorns from the oven and leave to cool. All, throw away burned. Now you know how to dry acorns, and you can craft in all of your projects!
How to Preserve acorns
Now, if you want to preserve the acorns, which you don’t *have* to do, how last you a long time just dried up. However, if you want to ensure that you fall last for years and years and never apart, I recommend you give them a quick spray with a clear acrylic sealer. You shoot it, let it dry, flip it over and repeat the process. That’s about all you need to do! One of my favorite thing, with dried acorns, paint them, like I did with this painted representation! Just click on the image below to get the tutorial:
How to Paint acorns for fall

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How to Dry acorns for Craft projects
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