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How to make a custom photo Puzzle

A custom photo puzzle is a great gift idea and it’s SO easy! Use photos of children, Pets, or your favorite places for this picture-puzzle project.skills Required: Beginner. you don’t need to make a lot of Mod Podging experience of this puzzle. But I would encourage you to have patience, especially in step 3. Let the correct time for drying, so that they avoid the appearance of wrinkles. Meet Stephanie from somewhat simple. She is your host for the day with a custom photo puzzle, while I sit on the beach, drinking Mai Tais. Joke! I just wish. Stephanie is a fantastic blogger, but I’ll let you tell you about yourself below. We exchanged today, so you come to see your blog, the project that I have. Happy Friday Podgers!
Hey Mod-hodgepodge-ers! My name is Stephanie, and I am the creative head and Creator of somewhat simple. I am so excited to take this blog today! I started blogging last summer – it is my little corner of the universe, where I share crafts, tutorials, and everything that is creative.custom puzzlesAll 3 of my children were feeling ill this week (go ahead, pity me!), so between cuddling the sickos and disinfecting my house over and over again, I put together this fun DIY picture puzzle-learning program for anyone who wants a nice, simple project, your kids can enjoy (when they aren’t get sick, of course!),I call it “A family photo jigsaw Puzzle” (so original, I know!) Each step of the tutorial has a picture, for those of you who are visual learners,  like me.to Print photos for your custom photo PuzzleBefore you actually make your picture puzzle, you’re going to print the image of your choice. I recommend you scan your image into your computer – you won’t want to use original photos or photo paper for this project.is your best bet, print your image on to a dry toner, or laserjet printer, so that it’s cover with no waste. I’ve found that my HP works inkjet, although it’s not a laserjet because HP used to be a very dry ink seems. If I print my images, I leave you for a few hours to dry before you use them. You can also go to a Kinko ’s or somewhere with a laser printer.If you like I recommend, don’t have access to a laserjet printer, spray both sides of your inkjet image with a clear acrylic sealer before Mod Podging. This will help prevent smearing of your image. To spend if you’re going to the time and effort to make a customized photo puzzle, especially if it’s a gift, you don’t want anything to go wrong!Once you have printed your image, you are ready to start.take a picture-PuzzleCollect Suppliesthe image is printed on a dry toner, or laserjet paperScissorsX-Acto knife, scrapbook paper – 1 sheet of chip Board (ie, a cereal box) – must be greater than your image.Mod hodgepodge gloss sponge brushYou can also use a Ziploc baggie and a shipping label (these are not pictured, but I'm going to show you what I did with them later in the tutorial)instructions step 1. You cut one side of your cereal box. Each box will store two puzzles in such a way that the other side!step 2. Also, you save your Top-Box for education. Send it to school with your children (which is’t relevant to the tutorial, but I was there to throw!),step 3. Apply the image of the non-patterned (brown) side of the cereal box using Mod-hodgepodge. Use a medium layer of Mod-smorgasbord, instead of the image down and smooth thoroughly with your fingers or a brayer. If any Mod hodgepodge presses the sides, wipe it away with a brush.let it Dry for 15 – 20 minutes, and then apply a layer of Mod smorgasbord of over the top. Let dry. step 4. Turn your cardboard and take your scrapbook paper on the back with more Mod-hodgepodge. It is a relatively thick piece of scrapbook paper so that it covers the grain-pattern-box. If your scrapbook paper is thin, you might want to check that painting of the cereal box white, before the paper. No matter which method you choose, dry completelyletstep 5. Cut the excess cardboard and the scrapbook paper around the edges. step 6. With a Sharpie or something that you see pursuing you with an overview of the puzzle pieces in the picture. A pencil would also work.step 7. Cut each piece with an X-Acto knife. Scissors are easier, but not really – so if you’re lazy like me, you’ll start with the X-Acto knife, but then at the end with a pair of scissors. I have no patience sometimes . . .step 8 (optional). Print a smaller size print of the same image on a shipping label and apply it on the front of a Ziploc bag.step 9. You put all the pieces in the Ziploc bag for safe keeping. I pull a box of these homemade puzzles, my kids love it, too. Each puzzle is in its own bag, and it makes for a quiet game!

variations on your DIY-pictures-puzzle:Cut the pieces larger or smaller, depending on the age of your children. For my 3 years old, I have puzzles that are only 3-4 pieces. Small children love to put puzzles together.Instead of the scrapbook paper, you can use the back of the cereal box uncovered – hold my kids, like with the cereal box as a puzzle in and of itself.You cover the back with felt and use the puzzle on a flannel Board. your custom photo jigsaw puzzle is complete. Super easy to be hardly worthy, in company with the other great projects Amy has here. If you want to see what I can do when I juggle sick kids, hop on over to somewhat simple. To see I’d love you!If you or your children will enjoy this customized photo puzzle, check out these other great activities:Ice Cream Stock photo FrameDIY stones with duck tape confetti Mod hodgepodge SlimeHow to Make slime

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