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How it Clings Christmas window (with children!)

You know how she clings Christmas window with only TWO ingredients! These are so easy – you can do this holiday activity with your children.
in addition to Christmas movies, I love holiday crafts, of course. You can be like me, to revel in which case you’d love you in a trade while watching a Christmas movie – and really in the spirit! This Mod hodgepodge holiday glass clings are perfect, and you can make them with your children. Read on to find out how.
Christmas window Clings
Collect These Supplies

Mod hodgepodge gloss
acrylic paint – colors of your choice
gallery glass leading – or other non-stick surface, like wax paper
dissemination tool – a plastic knife would work, or an old gift card
scissors, craft knife or die cutter (you kids unattended)

pour Mod smorgasbord on a non-stick surface, such as a gallery glass leading blanks or wax paper.
just Add a bit of acrylic paint (a few drops) and mix thoroughly with the brush.
spread of the color/Mod hodgepodge mixture on their surface with a flat tool. You can with the brush, but I find it easier with the flat surface.
Do this with several different colors and let them dry.
Peel your dried paint/Mod hodgepodge from the surface.
At this point you can cut it with scissors, or run it through a die.
you can even use a hole punch or other cutting tools!
And what do you do with those cut out pieces? Why, stick them on the glass! You can warm them in your hands or breathe out on them, so that they adhere well. This work on votives or windows!
I glued this Christmas window, with the scissors, a punch and a hole punch. Wrong’t they fun? And if you’re done . . . simply peel from the glass, if you want to!
I hope you enjoy my Christmas crafts idea. Happy Holidays!

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