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How to Scrapbook embellishments

You will learn how to scrapbook embellishments with Mod melts and molds! Ideal for taking your memories on a beautiful page.
skills Required: beginner. I’d say you should know how to use a hot glue gun and a little experience in the craft (in General), so that you get the best results. This project is’t difficult, but you are working with small objects.
Scroll down to the end of the post, you can see a video of the embellishment-making in action!

Hello friends! Hope your summer was filled with many relaxing days and fun filled activities! I had to do, but I was really good so far, to take the many photos of my children everywhere we go. Scrapbooking my photos my guilty pleasure is.
I'm all about the creation of pages, to make it simple and easy. I'm trying to print photos as soon as we are back from the holiday or activity, and I always try to have at least a few pages per month, so I'll stay caught up.
One of the ways I save a little time and money in my albums, by my own embellishments. I’m going to teach you how to make scrapbook decorations the easy way!
The Mod-hodgepodge Mod is a fantastic opportunity to make your own scrapbooking embellishments with just a little bit of affordable glue and rubber mould that you can use again and again are Melting! I have already mentioned, the glue comes in a variety of colors and metallic shades?
I know, I know. I had them on metallic. 🙂
Before we get started, I would like to draw your attention to something awesome, this DIY is much easier:
If you’ve never tried before, silicone finger caps, this isn’t an advertising gimmick You really keep your Finger to burn out during the beautification process (as well as any other time you use a hot glue gun).
you’re going to come in handy, because you don’t no heat allow you to be transferred to your fingers – ie., not more burns! You are a life saver for projects like this, and I promise that you’ll use them for other projects.
Are you ready to jump to?
Make Scrapbook Embellishments
To make your own scrapbook embellishments, all you need is a Mod Melts rubber mold, glue gun, Mod glue stick, scissors and your scrapbook melt-side of course!
To get started, simply place a gold metallic glue stick in your glue gun and let it fully warmed up. You may need to squeeze out all the previous adhesive, to ensure that your metal glue comes out clean.
Slowly, she presses the handle of your glue gun, the Mod Melts glue, slowly filling in the shape until you get the desired amount.
Next, allow the glue to cool completely in the interior of the rubber mold. You will be surprised at how quickly the glue dries! In a few minutes you will be ready.
is cooled To its ornaments, gently remove it and cut and stray glue from the ends of the pieces with a pair of scissors.
Now you know how to make, scrapbook embellishments, you are ready to craft! Just trying to figure out their placement on your scrapbook page, then attach on your page . . . more glue!
I know it seems crazy, but you can just use your same glue gun to glue the pieces on your page! Kind of convenient, isn’t he?!
That’s it! I love how the Mod my side Melts a lot of texture and variety, but they are still thin enough to be bulky that my album doesn’t. You have such a beautiful glow to you! Who doesn’t love globe a gold, right??
It’s super easy to make your own scrapbook embellishments with Mod Melts. And I can use this same Form again and again with different colors, glue I can wait’t, more for my summer scrapbook pages!
Hope you enjoy the rest of your summer friends, and remember, keep shooting these funny moments! Don’t forget to visit me on my blog!

Are you ready to see a video of cute ornaments made? Cathie and Steve will show you exactly how to do it in the video below – just press “PLAY”:

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