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How to Instagram Mini canvases in just a Few steps

Here’s a SIMPLE guide for the production of Instagram mini canvases with Mod smorgasbord. It’s easy and fun – and these make great gifts.
Everyone can probably admit that Instagram is addictive. Edit, it’s so easy, photos on the fly and share them with the world. Every time I scroll through my feed, I get so inspired by the beautiful pictures!
The thing I’ve noticed since Instagram has become an obsession, that I barely have any current pictures around my home. Sure, I have it on my phone, but it’s a bit sad that I hardly ever actually print a photo you have on display in my house.
I love the idea that my phone down, but still able to get my beautiful Instagram pictures.
I came up with a super-simple way to solve this Problem Instagram dilemma! These mini canvases are so easy to make and can be displayed anywhere and everywhere.
My favorite way to use them, attach a magnet on the back and stick them on the fridge. It would also be a great gift for teachers, grandparents, spouses and friends!

Instagram Mini canvases
Here’s what you need:

Mod smorgasbord – most of the types of work
Instagram photos
rubber bands

you Lay her down on the back of the photo and trace it.
Make a fold along the lines. To Snip the corners, fold it on the canvas later.
brush on a layer of Mod smorgasbord on the screen and the back of the photos. Place the photo on top and press firmly. Fold the sides to the edges of the canvas.
you fold the corners and trim excess paper. Next, I place a few rubber bands around the mini-help screens, the photo on the surface.
Once it’s is completely dry, take the rubber bands. Add another layer of Mod-smorgasbord and let it dry completely.
Make a pair or a few! These little canvases are so decorating is easy, that now you have no excuse, not all the photos around your house!
you Glue the magnets on the back and fill your fridge!
What is your favorite way to display photos in your home?

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