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How to color glass with Mod-hodgepodge

You can use food coloring and Mod smorgasbord for the coloring in each jar the color you want – this is a tutorial on how to paint glass is amazing and really easy!
Learn how you are amber glass with a simple tutorial. Did you know that you can add food coloring to Mod-hodgepodge, to amber glass?? Yes, you can<.br>And you can use said food-color/Mod smorgasbord to create a mixture, the look of a glass painting, to the mason jars, as Carolina has. You’s go, amber glasses as a centerpiece at your wedding, and what a great, cheap way to do it.
follow this guide, to the stain glass any color you like. Learn how to color glass with Mod hodgepodge, by clicking below.
How to make amber glass, C. W. frosting

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