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How you Felt, bows (with glitter!)

Are you looking for a cost-effective way to decorate you gifts? You know how you felt, bows – with some additional glitter-sparkle!

Hello, it’s Rachel again from lines Across and Let’s Wrap stuff. Today I’ I;m going to with you one of my favorite parts of DIY gift bows.
It takes to not only make less than 5 minutes, this glitter felt bows (not counting the drying time), and it only costs a few cents. You probably already have everything you’ll need in your craft stash.
How to make Felt bows
What you need:

Mod patchwork fabric
Ultra-fine glitter
hot gun

glue What you do:
1. Cut a rectangle of felt. You can play around with different sizes and shapes. It will give each sheet look a little different. For a starting place, try it with one the size of a 3×5-card.
2. Tape off the edges where you glitter want. Use painter’s tape or washi tape. You could alsolid the one in the middle with a piece of paper or something to keep it all sparkly as well.br>3. A medium layer of Mod patchwork fabric apply along the outer sides of your felt rectangle.
4. Cover in a thick layer of ultra-fine glitter. Remove the tape and let the Mod-hodgepodge dry.
5. Shake off the excess glitter, then you will get your hot glue gun, and the thin felt strip, the center.
6. Along the middle of the sheet pinch. Basically, you fold the rectangle in half and then fold the edges down again, into fourths.
7. Dab a little hot glue on the back center of the bow, then wrap the felt strip around the middle, with a bit of hot glue as you go.
And that’s it! You can find a lot of these glitter felt sheets in a session, and use them instead of store bought gift bows this year. You could also make beautiful Christmas tree ornaments or other Christmas decor.
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