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How to make a Banner from paper Mod conglomeration of rocks

do you Want to learn how to the easiest way EVER to have a banner? Here it is! Use a cardboard box, Mod hodgepodge, confetti, and a few other supplies. ANYONE can do it! Hello!! Jessica from The Confetti Bar, the coolest confetti shop on the block, where we believe that happiness is to be celebrated!you Need a SUPER-DUPER-easy -  party banner in a pinch? I’ve got the perfect DIY for ya! Learn how to place a banner in the easiest way possible, and you probably have some of these supplies on hand already. The Bonus is that it’s extra colorful and fun. 😉 Make a BannerSupplies:Cardstock (in the color of your choice) & scissors confetti!Mod smorgasbord (you can use any kind, really, but if you want a little extra fancy, try some Glitter Mod smorgasbord so you get a subtle glitter effect behind the confetti!)Pour sponge brush (+ a plate the Mod-smorgasbord and you dip your brush for easy application)double-sided tape ribbon, twine or raffia you fold your 8.5″x11″ piece of cardboard in half and divide it into four equal pieces. (Make a small pencil mark if you need to!) Cut the paper into strips, leaving the folded edge intact. With a piece of double-sided tape, attach the ribbon between the edges of the cardstock. Space the banner pieces bar evenly on the ribbon. (And make sure that enough ribbon on each end! Once all your banner pieces are secure, apply a smorgasbord the lower half of each banner piece with a layer of Mod. Sprinkle on some confetti, press down, and shake out the excess. Let your banner dry for an hour or so and look at that: you’re ready for the party! Every time you form a banner, you can really go crazy and experiment with different paper, like maybe a half circle or a triangle. You can also use markers or crayons to write messages on the banner pieces.Hello, infinite possibilities! If you can see a flag of your own with this tutorial, post and tag @modpodge rocks it!Don’t forget The Confetti Bar has tons of pre-made confetti-the options in the shop, but if you have a little extra Horny specializing in custom confetti! You can also see our blog for more fun (like this DIY Confetti Zen garden), and we would be happy to see you around Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest!

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