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How to make a homemade Magnet Board

Mod Podger Walter has it again – this time with a DIY magnetic board, revised after the purchase from the craft store. It is so easy!
man Podger Walter Silva has made it – again! This time, he’s its fun and colorful magnets on the big time.He’s how you decorate and DIY magnet board AND he’s going to give away a set of beautiful magnets that he sells in his Etsy shop.
This is the reason why we love him. Read on to the tutorial and then look for the giveaway magnet at the bottom.
presentation is everything for me and said that, once again Mod smorgasbord is to the rescue came. I bought a pair of magnetic metal calendar boards at a distance.
I knew that these boards would be great for the display of the magnets in my shop. It’s nothing better than taking something you got on clearance and turn it into a functional, usable item.
This is how I got this super modern and easy-to-magnet panel.

DIY magnetic Board
Collect These Supplies

metal magnetic calendar board (I bought on clearance at a craft store)
Mod smorgasbord – any formula will do it I used gloss
brush and squeegee from the Mod-hodgepodge-tool-kit
Mod smorgasbord silicone Mat


you Use family and pet photos (enlarge on glossy cardstock)
Use Wallpaper with funny graphics to your liking
Thick wrapping paper

other variants can be shown in addition to the representation – for example, one for the kitchen, coupons, recipes and pictures. So, how could I do it?
I have Created the graphics in Photoshop to fit my measurements. Then I had the $it professionally printed on glossy cardboard, the cost is about 4.00. This thick paper works well and is very sturdy (no need to close it). After that, there are only three steps:

Apply Mod-hodgepodge with a fine brush on the magnetic Board and on the back of the graphics
Use Mod smorgasbord of tools such as the rubber squeegee to remove air pockets,
let it Dry for 15 minutes, and you’re ready!

I love to give as I am able, and the plurality of magnets in this chevron-magnet boards! Give it a try – I suspect you will be pleased also.

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