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How to make a fabric Banner for Any occasion

Learn how to make a fabric banner with any saying of your choice. You can use felt or fabric. This is ideal for a variety of occasions! My home-studio is quite strong and boring. Not the creative, inspirational space I need, to the best of my work. So I wanted to do something to help in my studio, the flair that it needs.I had this idea to have a banner in my head for a while, but I just couldn’t work how to cut to get the word out of the fabric without a lot of messy edges, the fraying fabric. Then the enlightenment came. FABRIC MOD SMORGASBORD. And it has worked wonderfully! Check how you can make your own . . . fabric Banner DIYyou will need:fabric Mod PodgeWide and thin brushFeltCalicoSmall dowel rodPencilAcetateScissorsStrong craft gluePrinter and paper step 1Put a small piece of calico on a sheet of acetate. You want to cover both sides of the fabric with Mod-hodgepodge. To do this, apply a generous cover of Mod conglomeration, to one side of the fabric, turn it over to glue the fabric on the acetate. Then you can have the other side cover. Allow it to dry. step 2:If the Mod-conglomeration of dry and peel it off the acetate. You’ll find a page that has a very plastic, shiny surface and more of the existing fabric texture. step 3you can Print the word you want on your banner in reverse. Trace the word on the shiny side of the fabric (and Vice versa). step 4Cut the word out of the fabric. This is where you come to see how awesome the Mod smorgasbord for this project. No relief edges, just perfect lines. 🙂 Perfect! No fraying of the edges and on the front you still have the great texture of the calico. step 5Cut your felt into a point. step 6 you can Wear a strip of adhesive on the top edge of the felt and glue the dowel rod to it.
- Apply more glue to the felt and roll the dowel until it is completely covered in felt. you Use something to keep you dried the felt and dowels in place while the glue. The Mod-hodgepodge-bottle works really well. 😉 Ta Da! apply a generous amount of Mod smorgasbord on the back of your word and you keep it to your banner. Finito! cute, right!? And you can have a banner on every word! A season, holiday, or even someone’s name.This guy now has a place of honor above my computer in my studio. 🙂 Now you know how to make a fabric banner, check out some other home decor projects that you may like:

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