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How to label, with Only Two ingredients!

If you are wondering how to sticker, you can do it with only two ingredients. With the you have to well taken care of in your house already! It’s Cheryl from a pretty cool life with a simple guide, to enjoy you’re going – how to stickers with some simple household items. Did you know you can hodgepodge easy to label with only two ingredients, with a Mod?With the you need to supplies in your house already! Kids love crafts, so grab some origami paper and try this today.figure> , the labelyou’ll have to:Mod hodgepodge satin white vinegar origami or thin {one-sided} the scrapbook paper paint brush {the wider, the better}craft punches or sharp detail scissorsStart by mixing equal parts of vinegar and Mod-smorgasbord in a small bowl. I have about a quarter Cup of each and had a lot. With a brush, apply the mixture sparingly to the back side of the paper. Let dry completely and repeat a second time. After the paper is dried, a second time, use a craft punch or scissors, cut the designs of your choice. With a damp paper towel or a small sponge, moisten the back of the sticker and apply for what is always a little special touch needs . . . Envelopes, Lunch Bags, Scrapbooks, Love Notes . . . use your imagination and have fun!For more great inspiration, visit the blog – you can also useconnect with me on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.br>

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