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How do you Make a paper-plate-dragon

disclosure: This post is sponsored by Universal Pictures. All opinions are 100% my own.How to Train your Dragon: the Hidden world is now in theaters! The publication celebrate with this cute night Fury's and light Fury dragon-craft! You will learn how to make a paper-plate dragon with simple supplies and paint! So cute and fun for kids – a great summer craft idea. you've always wanted a pet dragon? Because my niece has. It was inspired by the movie “How to Train your Dragon!” It’s one of your favorite movies, so we’re really excited about the new Version “How to Train your Dragon: The Hidden world” now in theaters!My niece was really excited to find out that Toothless is’t the only night Fury . . . and what adventures dragon, with the Slight anger, the new white! I love the movie series, so I’'ll be with her. It’s such a fun Film, full of action and surprises. I love to find the message, the courage for the unknown. We can wait’t! to celebrate the Film, we have dragon these paper plate (because my niece can’t have a real dragon!) and I want to show you how we did it. This paper dragons have an articulated head and tail, and are so fun for kids. Children of all ages can participate and have a night Fury and light force of your very own!Make a paper-plate-dragonCollect Suppliespaper plates – about 3 – 5 per dragon acrylic paint – I recommend Apple Barrel BlackMod hodgepodge or FolkArt glitter paint (optional)foam sheet (the children’ section of Michaels)PaintbrushesMarkersScissorsBradscraft glueWiggly eyesHole punch harpie pencil you Start with a paper plate. You draw the dragon's head on the plate, then cut. Keep track of the shape you just cut, and cut another's head.parents may want to do this, for your smaller children, and then have them cut out, while older children will probably want to be, to the drawing itself. The next step is to have a wing. You can also track with a wing to the other. Note that you want the edge of the plate, the edge of the wing. It looks so much fun!Glue them together, these two wings and let them dry. Cut out the center of the body with another paper plate. You’ll want to two oval-shaped pieces of relatively the same size. time to cut out the front legs. Draw a front leg, cut, and then trace, as you did before.  Trace and cut out their segments for the tail. Since the tail is long, you’ll cut with the trace method, so that you can glue together the two pieces. If you’get ve, everything cut out, glue the two pieces together for each segment of the tail.At this point, if you have a night Fury, you’d have to paint all your pieces with black acrylic paint. Since Light Fury is, you’ll just leave as it is. OR add some Mod to improve hodgepodge Shine to your dragon. You have fun with it! Leave all parts to dry. Cut an eye-foam – makes it look like a rain drop. Select the pupil with a Sharpie. Add the eyes to the head pieces with craft glue and add a nose and mouth, as shown. Glue the two head pieces and let them dry. you Glue the body piece on each side of the wing, and then cut the piece that stands out with a pair of scissors.Poke holes in the paper plates and then add the brads, the segmentation of the legs, tail and head. You can see what I’m talking about this images: Agreed’t our dragon cute??What do you think? Love you dragon our paper plates, and would you like to do?? You plan, as you can see, How to Train your Dragon: The Hidden World now, it’s in the cinema? Let me know in the comments! Also, before I go, look at the trailer for the movie – it’s going to give you a great idea of what it is in the movie, and I know you’re going to love it. Get your tickets now!!!

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