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How to Decorate a Clear glass

You know how a glass to decorate the tray with glitter and Mod-hodgepodge! This is a perfect way to add pizzazz to a store-find dollars.
you see them everywhere, don’t you? The clear glass. And you can always pick up and think, “what can I do?
Well, trust me – I do the same thing. You are at the dollar store, the craft, IKEA . . . I’ve even bought them from time to time and let you sit.
Well, to announce I’m pleased that I have found a fun and quick way for you to adorn – Mod conglomeration of rocks stencils!
This is my new series of products that can be found in Michaels stores, and these templates make it VERY easy, to detailed designs with Mod smorgasbord and glitter. Here’s how I this professional decorated.
Decorate a glass Tray
Collect These Supplies

Mod conglomeration of rocks Peel ‘n-Stick stencil – Tangier
Mod hodgepodge gloss
Mod hodgepodge Dimensional Magic
Mod hodgepodge spouncers
Glitter in the color of your choice
a template or painter's tape

you can decorate several trays with these supplies above! Imagine you for all of your neighbors – just sayin.’ Before you begin, clean and dry the glass surface with a mild soap and allow to dry.
Careful, you are sure to be the template of the supporters and in the glass bowl, so that you, that you have to frame around all sides. Do not use stencil or painter's tape to tape off the border so that you can get, the Mod-smorgasbord in these areas.
Using the spouncer Mod smorgasbord to be applied to the template. Work quickly so that the Mod-hodgepodge is dry. They cover the entire surface with a middle layer. Then peel off the stencil immediately.
Sprinkle glitter on top of the Mod collection. Dump the glitter on a piece of paper or a glitter tray (pour the remaining glitter back into the jar). Then let the Mod-hodgepodge dry completely. Wash the stencil and send it to the supporters.
you Use the brush or a similar tool to remove the excess glitter from the surface – simply brush away.
to Apply the Mod hodgepodge of Dimensional Magic to the inside of the shell and let them dry in a warm, dry area – do not put it under a fan (it could crack). Your dish will be ready to use after drying for 24 hours.
how easy it was to decorate the tray? You can so many things! Keys, change, earrings . . . you can use it for the organization or just for decoration. I Love.
Now you know how to decorate a glass tray, let me know how you want to decorate your in the comments!

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