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Whimsical Mod Hodgepodge Of Paper-Lampshade

This DIY paper lampshade is an easy-to-do decoupage project, the cut with the black paper and your favorite shapes. Get the tutorial here!
I’m a little obsessed with Mod patchwork lamp shades here at Hammer Like A girl. I see a blank white shadow and think, “hmmm . . . how can I spice that up?” It’s like a piece of canvas that lights up.
This Mod conglomeration of paper lampshade is an easy-to-do decoupage project, with cut black paper and your favorite shapes. I used birds-and-leaves – my favorite design motif. Read on to see how I made these unique DIY lampshade!
DIY paper lamp shade
you need:

Simple lampshade, preferably light in color
black paper
Mod hodgepodge Matt or Satin
Sharp scissors
Large sheet of paper for pattern
Black marker

First of all, you are looking a beautiful simple lamp shade.
create a basic pattern for your Mod collection lamp shade, spread a large sheet of paper and roll the shade, marking the edges with a pencil as you go.
Next, until the whole shadow is followed.
To get a better view of the outline, draw over the top of the pencil line with a black marker.
you can Start cutting your shapes out of black paper. I just cut the leaf and bird shapes freehand – I think adding irregularities to the humor/fun in the design.
However, if you feel more comfortable with a pattern, you can copy them on a sheet of paper, and layer it over the top of the black paper and cut through both layers.
Keep cutting and forms and begin to build your design, giving the shapes on the pattern.
After a couple of hand cramps from scissors, you’fill ll the pattern.
If you’ve arranged your pieces and are happy with your decoupage lampshade design, you can begin to transfer them to the shadow. Work section by section, apply Mod smorgasbord to the shadow.
Spread Mod smorgasbord on the back of the pieces.
Set the pieces on the shadow, with a brush dipped hodgepodge emerges in Mod -, to press down the pieces.
After all the parts are attached to the shade, let it dry.
After the paint is dry (about 4 hours) complete the shadow cover with a layer of Mod-hodgepodge. Repeat.
There you are– that’s all it is a Mod patchwork lampshade with paper! A little glowing forest in your living room.
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