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What is decoupage? Learn from an expert!

you're wondering what it means “decoupage?”, I can blog a Mod conglomeration, and I’m here to explain everything. Click through to learn more! As the supplier is a Mod hodgepodge blog, you can imagine, I get a very important question asked ALL the time:What is decoupage?I’ll admit, decoupage seems to be a more complicated term than it really is, because the word sounds original. “Decoupage” in reality, comes from the French word “decouper,”, which means to cut or cut from something else.If you are a decoupager, this means that you have to be in the artistic quest of gluing objects on a surface. The – although it sounds like something the children in the kindergarten – absolutely NOT.Decoupage is an art formDecoupage is truly an art. Sure, you can make it easy if you like (and I do), but many a visual artist has a decoupage medium to create a unique piece. Projects will be reinforced not only with paper and fabric, but with the painting effects, gold leaf, ink, embellishments, and even for other media.I’m always amazed at what people do, impressed with the Mod collection in my Facebook group, and generally with the level of talent. It’s not just a craft. napkin decoupage with Mod-hodgepodgeAs for me, I usually use the word in two ways. I use it as a noun with the Wikipedia definition: "the art of decorating an object by gluing colored paper cutouts on it." I also use it as a verb . . . such as, "to decoupage paper onto a surface." And of course I did this all with Mod-hodgepodge!The basics of Mod-hodgepodgeIf you want to, in the art of decoupage, it’s get started very easy to. You’ll select a surface, prepare it, and then decorate it with color or other effects (you can also leave you bald if you like the look of it). Here are General buttons:WoodTinGlassCeramicMetalFabric (including clothing and shoes)Terra Cottaare If you decide on a surface, you’ll pick stick something you want on the surface:paper fabric tissue paper napkins stickers, wrapping paperTHEN you’ll you choose your medium, to you all. Many believe that a decoupage medium is easy school glue or a vinegar/water /corn starch, but that is not the case (read here more). What with Mod smorgasbord?My medium of choice, the Mod-hodgepodge, and it's a glue, sealer and finish all in one. Mod hodgepodge of ingredients and properties, which have a regular school/craft glue doesn’t, and that is the reason why Mod smorgasbord of projects that were created 40+ years ago is still around.I’ve seen projects the original inventor of the Mod-hodgepodge, Jan Wetstone, with my own eyes – and they are in perfect condition. This is the what does a good decoupage medium for you!If you are wondering what Mod-hodgepodge (there are some), I’ve written a formula guide to help you select the appropriate type. You can it for free by clicking on the link below: How to start DecoupagingDecoupaging’t difficult, but it takes practice. What I LOVE about you is that you won’t to be a large investment to get started, and you don’t need to be an expert crafter to try it. I’ll never forget when I first started knitting at the age of 15 years; it was a great learning curve. This is nothing!My #1 piece of advice when you start everything, but especially this new hobby is to immerse yourself in. Start with something easy, (I have 20 Mod hodgepodge arts and crafts for beginners here) and expect to fail a couple of times. You go to the Shop to buy the dollar, surfaces, or buy a couple of $to save 1 plaques at the craft, and practice, practice, practice!My first project was bubble with air and wrinkles and ended up in the trash. A long time ago, I was decoupaging with ease, and now there’s nothing I can’t do!Are you ready to get started with decoupage? I have yet to share an article with you. My 7 steps to perfect Mod Podging are below; just click on the image. Let me know what is your first project, and how it went in the comments or on my Facebook group here. Happy

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