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Votive-candle-holder glasses

This simple DIY votive candle holders are made from old jars – you won’t spend a lot of money for this pretty, vintage-inspired home decor.

Over at Hammer Like a girl, we usually try to use materials that have been thrown, scrounged, or mountain goods. So, when we first were planning this DIY votives project, we thought it would be a good idea to use the cut-off bottles.you’ve all seen the technology, which raises online – enjoy the string in acetone, wrap it around a bottle, light it on fire, turn, turn, turn to a burn, if the flame starts to die down, she breaks the ice-water, and the bottle, where the cord was, in essence, turn a bottle into a glass.
It sounds so cool (and easy). We went and acetone, grub bought into our recycling bins and went to work. Maybe we were doing something wrong, but for the life of us we couldn't have a nice clean break.The edges were jagged-y, like something you’d see in a bar fight. So with singed arm hair, we went to the Goodwill, where we bought three jars for $.69/each. We decided, those looking for these votives!Here’s some instructions verse how to make your arm hair – but for the unique decoupage votive candle holder.DIY-votive-candle-holderCollect These Suppliesdrinking glasses, preferably with the straight side ephemera of your choice – we have an old poetry book, a fiction magazine, and the old postage stamp antique Matte Mod PodgeBrushX-Acto knife, fine sandpaper (220-grit)bottle for holding glass, while decoupagingFirst of all, you will find some clear drinking glasses – the smoother the sides, the better. We had luck at Goodwill and found a large, a medium and a small glass, so that a perfect little varied size “set”. Select some of your favorite papers to cover your votive holder. Old wrapping paper, books, magazines, paper craft great work. We used an old poetry book, a stamp collection, and a literary magazine from 1954 (with a big orange advertisement for whiskey). If you want to don’t, you can use templates that you can use, laserjet (not smear!) Copies and hang the originals. Cut the paper so it is slightly larger than the glass. The paper should be on the top and bottom edges.If the paper is too small to go all the way around the votive candle holder, that’s ok – you can be just another piece of paper over the edge and cover the gap. you Spread Mod smorgasbord on the back of the paper. Turn the jar on its side, and place the paper over the top of the glass, let the excess paper hang from the top/bottom edges. you roll the glass on the table, to the paper, the glass.covers div class="height-space"> you are Smoothing the paper on the glass, from the center outwards to the edges. If you have a gap, cut a piece of paper to cover it. Keep the design in mind, here’s a way to add a little interest. Let the decoupage dry thoroughly.  – a few hoursgoing to doCut the excess paper from the top by using a X-Acto knife. Gently push the blade through the paper and the edge of the glass, as a guide, cut the excess paper. Repeat along the bottom edge. If needed, touch-up areas along the bottom of the glass (where it bends) with Mod-smorgasbord. Press gently with the fingers, work your way around the glass. you Can Mod patchwork to dry thoroughly. If the edges are a little rough, you can use fine sandpaper and gently touch the edges, grind in an inward direction. place the glass upside down on a stand of a kind (we have a soda bottle, a glass and a bottle of color) and a layer of Mod conglomeration on the outside. Let it dry and repeat with another coat of Mod-smorgasbord. There you go! A simple project (if you skip the part where you light, your arm hair the string on fire), has some funny effects, if you have candles inside. You can customize these votive candle holders, and use your favorite pattern papers, children's drawings, etc. If you enjoyed this project, I’d love for you to check out these other recycled crafts ideas:20 Awesome Mod hodgepodge CraftsDIY pie plate from a Thrift Recycled store FindHow to Decorate Altoid TinsRecycled DIY-Desk-Organizer

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