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Vintage Wallpaper Magnetic Board

Use make Mod smorgasbord to the simple vintage Wallpaper covered the magnetic Board. This is perfect for keeping in the kitchen and the organization of their family!
Hello guys, Ashlee is the life of My So-Called Crafty. I'm here today to share with you a tutorial on how you covered a simple vintage Wallpaper magnetic Board. I love vintage wallpapers! The prints are so beautiful!
This particular print is of a partial roll I bought for a while. It is printed by hand and is a replica of the French print has been commissioned for a redesign of a historical North Carolina home. I love the colors and textures of this pressure and use it in all kinds of projects.
have a little chalk board in my kitchen for a weekly menu memo. I've learned recently, about the Mod smorgasbord table surface, so I’t wait to try it out, and I thought my little memo board is the perfect test subject!would be br>Here’s what you need:

Vintage Wallpaper ( I have a large colorful print, I would suggest a small print on a darker surface for best readability, if you want a chalkboard surface)
A pair of scissors or a cutter knife
ruler and pen
Mod hodgepodge Matt
Mod smorgasbord table surface

instructions: The first thing you need to do is, cut your sheets. With your ruler and pen(I used a sharpie) to mark the size of your frame opening. Mine was 11×14.
next, Place your paper face down on the table. You place your sheet metal piece over the Wallpaper. You cut the metal with a cutter knife, or you can mark the perimeter with a pencil and cut with scissors.

paint a layer of Mod patchwork Mat on the front side of the sheet metal piece.
Set your Wallpaper on the Mod-conglomeration covered with a sheet, line up the corners and press the paper down and smooth.
to Use you to blow a brayer and roll over the top edge of the Wallpaper, smooth air, and hold the paper evenly over the sheet. Let the Mod-hodgepodge set and dry.
Now, apply a layer of Mod collection panel surface of the medium over the upper edge of the Wallpaper. Wait at least an hour and apply a second layer. Let dry completely and harden. At the end of your memo board, insert your tape sheet specied in the framework.
I LOVE my little kitchen memo board! I'll probably have to fight with more than one magnetic board, a chalkboard, since my pattern is a bit bold, it makes the chalk to be seen.
I love how easy it is to Mod smorgasbord table was a medium and how great it works, so I know I'll soon have an additional panel with a different print at some point! The great thing about this project is how easy it is to whip up a nice magnetic wall.
is sheet metal, Mod, hotchpotch, wallpaper, and a thrifted frame and you have a beautiful organizational piece for your home! I hope you all will try it sometime yourself, you’ll love it!

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