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Vintage Style Mod Hodgepodge Card Craft

Use Mod collection and a cool vintage ads from the Library of Congress, this decoupage technique. This card craft will look great with your home decor!
Happy summer, friends! Natalie here from natalme.com and I'm so excited to share with you this festive card crafts just in time for the 4. July!
did you Know that there are tons of free displaying images that you can find on the Library of Congress?? It’s true! There are tons of royalty-free images and cards, you can easily download and use for projects.
This is just a map that I found for a 4. of July project, but there are many more that use would be just as fun!

DIY card craft
Everything you need to make this project:

1 x 8-cut Board, 9 cm
a printable map, which you can download HERE (just search for a picture!)
wooden dowel
wood stain or crafts paint and

To get started, print the map image with an inkjet-printer, or send it to your local photo lab.
Next, prepare your wooden board by coloring or painting. Let it dry completely before you move on to the next step.
If your board is dry, in the middle of your show on top and you use Mod smorgasbord to keep it on the surface of the wood.

I prefer the Matte Mod-hodgepodge for a project like this, it gives such a nice finish.
If the Mod hodgepodge is dry, give a second or third layer if necessary.
After you have completed the observance of your card to your Board, cut your wood dowel into two four-inch pieces. Wood dowels are fabulous support Board for a wood, so that it can be displayed upright and not fall over.
After cutting your wood dowel, sand all the rough edges, if necessary. Next, either glue the dowel to the back side of the Board, or drill holes and insert the anchors.
I would suggest that the placement of the dowel about 1/2″ from the bottom of the Board on both sides. This will give your project the best possible support, so it won’t fall over.
That’s it! Now your Patriotic card is ready to display!
I have to do this is to display, during the 4. July, but I love how it turned out so much, I think I'm going to leave it up year!
you Are sure that you have the Library of Congress for more downloadable cards and pictures! It would be funny to create a series of map projects, and you could evenIf you want to, you can find more simple DIY projects for the summer season,don’t forget to visit me on my blog, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.. Happy crafting, and wish you a very happy 4. July this year!


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