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Vintage pillows: Mod smorgasbord of photo Transfer on fabric Mod conglomeration of rocks

To do a Transfer medium, a Mod conglomeration of transferring photos to fabric. This vintage pillow project is so easy and the results are beautiful!

Hello there! It's Shannon from Rosyscription is back and after last month’s baby blocks, I thought I would have the nursery show you another fun Mod is a hodgepodge of project I for our daughter. With this project, the learning you’ll how you a Mod smorgasbord of photo transfer on fabric!
did you Know that it is really easy to get a custom pillow for your home with an image-transfer? You can buy a plain pillow cover (or sew your own, as I cushion with my easy envelope tutorial) and you can decorate it in so many ways.
My new favorite approach to decorate a pillow is used to transfer a graphic to the fabric with Mod patchwork photo Transfer Medium.
I found this adorable vintage dress image from The graphics Fairy and knew it would items with vote some other vintage I for the planned Kindergarten. With a few simple steps, I was able to take that image and transfer it on my pillow. Let me show you how.

Mod smorgasbord of photo Transfer on fabric
supplies needed:

Simple, white pillow, cover
mirror image copy of the desired graphic
cutting Mat
utility knife
wax paper
Mod patchwork photo Transfer Medium
sponge or cloth

how to transfer an image transferred on fabric:
Get a copy of your desired image. (It is important to have a photo-copy of the image OR print it with a laser printer. Ink-jet printed images will not work well.)
Use a cutter knife and carefully cut out your image. You do your best to cut out the excess white around the edges, otherwise it is transferred to the fabric.
Protect your work surface with wax paper. Also, place a sheet of wax paper and inner the cushion cover so that the back of the pillow cover is protected.
brush a thick layer of transfer medium, using the ink to the image and lay the paper glue-side down on the fabric where you want it.
Smooth out any bubbles in the adhesive with a squeegee and clean the Mediterranean, which extends over the paper. Let the glue and paper to dry for 24 hours.
is The last step of your Mod smorgasbord of photo transfer on fabric, to remove the paper. With a damp cloth, moisten the paper. To reveal after about a minute, use a damp sponge or cloth and RUB the paper in a circular motion, the image, below. The key is not to do the work of tearing slowly and carefully, so that you, or RUB the image.
If all rubbed off the paper, you can use a pillow form into your cover and enjoy your newly designed pillow! The fabric cover can cold dry washed and hung up.
The little dress on the pillow is a cute addition to our baby girls room. We plan to use the pillows as decor and pull them out of the crib when she sleeps there. I love how the dress image coordinates with the other pillows we have in her room.
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