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Vintage Mod patchwork photo Transfer on glass vases

you do a Mod conglomeration, a photo transfer on glass! The decal method is the most successful way to transfer to the glass that I’ve found. Scroll down to see the end of this post, a video of this method in action!skills Required: intermediate. You should expect that some trial and error with this project. The decals are a bit thin and it takes some practice to learn how thick, and how much paper to wipe. It helps if you’ve used the Mod smorgasbord or photo transfer medium. Nothing makes a house feel more like a home than the pictures of friends and family. I especially love the collecting and the display of old photos of the family yet seen. Here is an interesting way to display vintage photos with Mod smorgasbord of photo-transfer process – it’s call the decal method.Transfer photos on glassIt’s the most successful way, a photo transfer on glass, that I’ve ever found, and I highly recommend it.Let’s plunge into the decal method, and in a few frequently asked questions that you might have to transfer photos to glass, before I share the tutorial with you. I’ve done a lot and have failed a lot, so I’m excitedThe Decal methodI’m sure you’ve noticed, that glass is a smooth surface. You can? the Mod hodgepodge of a photo directly onto glass, but you can transfer photos on glass The answer is no – direct. You’ll need to “decal method.”In the decal method, you’re going to print the photos on paper (not photo paper) and then paint it with Mod patchwork photo transfer medium.you’ll let dry, RUB away the paper, and a decal of the medium will be left behind. You’re using this as a sticker on the glass. The nice thing about this method? It’s brackets, in essence, a glass, and you can remove (in the rule) and re-use as required.(a Further related method, the tape image transfer is, to check if you want to, whether made of! It works on glass, too, but has a different effect). Inkjet or Laserjet?typically, you’d do this photo transfer on glass with laserjet copies. But the rule is’t use a laserjet – the rule is that you use a dry ink toner. My point is that I actually have my HP inkjet printer for transfer photos because the ink that HP puts in their cartridges is very dry.If you have doubts as to whether your inkjet printer has a Toner, you can go ahead and try this first with the photo transfer medium and see if it works. If it doesn’t, go to staples or Kinkos and get laserjet prints. Do not forget, regular paper – no photo paper.transfer photos – tips for successWhat are my most important tips for transfer photos onto glass? Here they are:Use a medium layer of the transfer-medium – covering the image completely so you can’t see a part of it. Thicker is better than thinner, otherwise your sticker is too thin and tear easily.Reverse pictures with words so that they appear correctly when the transfer is complete.You use thinner paper. To RUB the paper away, so that nothing too thick – 20 lb or less is good.Don’t RUB too much in one place or you’ll tear the sticker. Wet, RUB, leave to dry a little, then repeat. The decals are slightly fragile.Understand that the images will always be a vintage look. This is the case, when you transfer picture on wood, canvas, etc. as well. This is the result of the use of this medium.Ready for the project? Let’s going on – and learn how to transfer photos to glass with the decal method.These vases are a great way to showcase some of the great times you had with your family and friends over the summer. I would highly recommend, keep some, and others give them away as gifts. Add fun fall items such as pine cones, for ambiance.you can Transfer a picture onto glassCollect These Suppliesglass vases in different sizesMod hodgepodge of photo transfer medium of the printer, and paperFoam brushScissorsWax paper or a silicone MatCut a vintage image with a blue-handled scissorsyou can Print your images on your printer and cut them with the scissors. Leave about a 1/2" – 1" border around the image.TIP: If there is any writing or text in the photo, rotate the image before printing it to read.Apply Mod smorgasbord of photo Transfer Medium to the paperyou Put your photos with the image side up on wax paper. No longer spread Mod-smorgasbord in a thick layer with the foam brush until you can see the photo. Then place on wax paper (to keep the photo transfer medium and photo facial).photos with a Mod patchwork photo Transfer Medium, drying on the front panelLet your photos dry overnight on the wax paper.Rub-the paper is out of the pictureOnce dry, turn over your photo, wet it in the sink (or with a spray bottle) and start rubbing away the paper. You can print with your finger, and middle.TIP: do not RUB in one place too long or you will tear the image.pictures created with the Mod-patchwork photo transfer decal-method, Allow photos to dry and see if there are other areas where you need to RUB away the paper. Continue to be gentle when rubbing.Cut the glass out of the picture-labelCut out the pictures and glue the pictures on the glass. You will stay, if you RUB, so RUB carefully. If you press don’t you come down too hard, they can be peeled and re-used.  I love the idea to do this to transfer photos on glass on recycled mason jars, bottles or other containers, which you can get from the thrift store. Surprise your family with old photos, if you come – you can even ask to guess who is on the photo!you can See how this photo-transfer decals in the video below. Just click play in the video.

If you love this photo transfer on glass, create your own version and share with me in the comments! Be sure to share with your friends on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.And if you want more article about the Mod-patchwork photo transfer medium, look at the posts below! You just click on the image to the post.

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