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Vintage Suitcase Decor Covers Photos

In this vintage suitcase project, you’ll keep photos to an old Fund with a Mod smorgasbord! This DIY bag is such a simple idea.skills Required: Advanced beginner. You should have experience with Mod hodgepodge, with paper, because the photos wrinkles perhaps. I love vintage suitcases! I see them in these fun shapes and colors, the decided all over Etsy, and I, one for me. When I received it, the outside is a little rough, and had some stains. I decided it would be fun to personalize, and some vintage suitcase decor with my favorite photos from all the years.Would make me smile every time I look at it – and it would be useful! And to begin with what a fun and unforgettable way to the school year for any college student! Here is how I decorated my fun, vintage DIY case with a few basic supplies.DIY suitcaseCollect these supplies:suitcase I have, of EtsyPrinter and regular paper photos of your choice photo-editing Tools such as PicMonkey or CanvaPowerPoint or WordMod hodgepodge of Matt white acrylic paint craft knife scissors paint brush I love that this case has such an interesting shape! You can use any kind of case for this project from the larger suitcase to the smaller tribes. You can of Luggage with a fabric or vinyl exterior as well, if it's a plastic case, you will need a small test to ensure that it works. If you paint it a dark case, like me, you have to with white acrylic paint before you the photos way add, so that you can "pop" from the surface when you decoupage. you can Give your photos a vintage touch by using filters in your favorite photo editing program. I gave my photos filters as well as added a light border. I used picmonkey.com. are you Using PowerPoint or another program to size and print your photos.TIP: to Print on HP bright white paper, if you can. The bright white paper is best for which bleeding is the true color of the pattern, AND the HP paper doesn’t so much!! you Cut out all the photos with a pair of scissors and set it aside. Start your photos on the front of the suitcase with Mod smorgasbord. Paint a medium layer to the bottom, and straighten the photo on the top. You keep adding photos – you can overlap with one another, and let some hang from the side (you will trim later). your photos will be as soon As all on the front, let it dry for 15 – 20 minutes. Then paint the top with another layer of Mod smorgasbord and allow to dry. When the top is dry, cut with a cutter knife. Repeat the process with the rest of the case.TIP: If you want your vintage suitcase decor, extra durable, use a spray sealer when you are finished. You take the suitcase from the outside, and give 3 – 5 layers, letting it dry between the layers. Enjoy your finished DIY bag! I have such beautiful memories of fun times whenever I see it.If you do, I’ tinkering with the photos;d love for you to check out these other projects:photo Transfer vase show to Transfer photos to wood personalized coasters with PhotosHow to take photos vases

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