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Vintage map Decoupage letter with Scrapbook paper Mod conglomeration of rocks

Use Mod hodgepodge, painting, and assign to make from scrapbook paper, these unique decoupage letter for your home décor. It’s very easy to create your own with a fun vintage effect!

I’m in the process of creating, decided another focus is on the wall for my small apartment, and I, I needed some funny letters with him – so I decided to buy a pair.
Since you’t the color I wanted, I decided I would decor a suit of the rest of my wall.
the Vintage card Decoupage letter was born! You can see how easy it is to create your own, and you apply a vintage effect on any kind of paper!
card, Scrapbook paper, Decoupage letter

wood /metal /papier mache letter
Scrapbook paper
Matt Mod hotchpotch
Mod smorgasbord of pure colors (brown)
Black acrylic paint

step 1. You obtain a letter from the election and installation of their materials. I used a metal ampersand for mine with a rough surface, but any type will do – but paper mache will be the best choice (and probably the least expensive!)
step 2. Spray paint your letters – I used bronze oil rubbed-I wanted a dark brown town for the mine, but black or a regular affair brown would work just as well.
step 3. Trace your letter onto your paper of choice – my husband is an avid card person, so I decided, with map-printed paper from the craft store. If the back-and front-pages are the same, trace the back of the letter.
step 4. Carefully cut out your letters, so be sure that it fits, or just a little bit bigger – just don’t want it to be too small to your letter.
step 5. Apply a layer of Mod smorgasbord, and then you hold your scrapbook paper. Once dry, apply two or more layers of Mod-smorgasbord.
step 6. To give it a vintage effect, mix some Mod-to paint hodgepodge of pure colors with some black. Color on the letter, sparingly, to make sure that you don’t leave brush marks.not to dilute br>If you build it – don’t fear, only the work in Matt-Mod-hodgepodge the mixture on your letter/surface, and it’ll clear it up.
And you are done with your decoupage letter! You can apply the pure color, not only on vintage-themed scrapbook paper, but on other designs as well to look ‘age’. What kind of artwork you prefer, in decorating your home?
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