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Vintage Inspired Decoupage Lampshade

Let the Hammer Like a girl show you how to create a decoupage lampshade with your favorite vintage graphics and patterns. The results of love!

for A while, we made a lamp from an old tripod. It took an unusual lamp shade, we have one galvanized duct work. But time passed and it was time for a change – something lighter and brighter and funkier.
When I think funky, the first thing that comes to mind is 60’s Mode (doesn’t everyone?). Learn how to decoupage a lampshade just like this one down here.
Vintage Inspired Decoupage lampshade
Collect These Supplies

Simple white lamp shade drum
paper ephemera (we have a 1960’s McCalls pattern-and Home-decoration magazine,)
Mod hodgepodge Matt
Paper cutter (scissors would also work)
measuring tape
Large paper for pattern
X-Acto knife
Flexible tape measure
Cardstock, pattern
brackets & slightly tensioning the shade (we have an old car Jack) OR just use the lamp base, when the table lamp

We found our lamp shade on a lamp outlet store for$ 5, what makes us pretty happy.
We collected our crazy old publications, and thought about a theme for our decoupage lamp shade – in agriculture? Literature? 60’s fashion, gained primarily through the arches for the models’ heads.
And the mother/daughter dress-alike duo. (and his mother’s hair.)
And the stylish clothes:
And the subtle advertising (in the whole wide world):

to begin, measure the circumference and the height of the lampshade.

Mark the dimensions on a large piece of paper.

Select interesting pages/pattern removed from magazine by cutting along the binding with an X-Acto knife.
With a paper cutter, cutting, leaning, irregular stripes of different 1/2″ 1″ wide. A pair of scissors will also work, but you need more patience if you go this way.
Place the strips on the template and start on the design. We switched 3 black & white text-strip with a color strip, so that the design would have obvious stripes. We kept the color palette limited to red, orange and green, so it’ wouldn;t get too busy.
the terminal of the lamp shade to something (we have an old car Jack) or attach it to the lamp base, so it is suspended above the work surface and the screen can be rotated easily as you work around your way.
Working with one strip at a time, apply decoupage to the shadows and the back of the tape. Let the tops and bottoms of the ribbons hang freely.
Gently press the Mod Podged strip with the brush, hold it in place with the other hand. Work your way around the shade, slightly overlapping strips.
, If you covered the entire shade, let it dry overnight. If you like the “I need a haircut” you see, you are now ready.
If you don’t to clean, it’s time for your decoupage lampshade, give it a trim and fold the edges on the inside of the lampshade. Start by folding one of the strips on the interior side and mark where the paper needs to to end.
With that measurement, a little cardstock template.
, Mark the trim line all the way around the lampshade with a pencil. Repeat along the bottom edge.
Trim along the pencil marks. Repeat on the bottom edge.
Working in sections of about 5″, on apply Mod smorgasbord to the area where the paper will fold.
fold the paper with your fingers, press down as you go.
Repeat, repeat, repeat, for the top and bottom edges. You may need to go back and press down certain areas. This part is a little difficult, but it will give you a nice clean edge. You are applying for Mod smorgasbord on the folded edge.
Wait a few hours, and then coat the entire shade with Mod-smorgasbord.
That’s it! A decoupage lampshade is a fairly simple project with a lot of room for error. A further advantage: when the lamp is on, there’interesting show through from the inside.
good luck and let us know if you try this! Read more about our other projects and activities, visit HammerLikeAGirl.com.
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