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Vintage Home Decor with Mod-hodgepodge

If you love the vintage trend inspired, you’ll enjoy this roundup of 6 vintage-home-decor-projects. Use Mod smorgasbord to one of these pretty ideas!
There’s a huge antique market in Atlanta by the name of Scott antique markets, and I’ve been there several times. It’s the first weekend of the month, and it’s a destination for all things vintage home decor.
you to have some modern elements, but vintage is your bread and butter! A friend and I go occasionally, and it’s only one thing that prevents us from coming home with a number of elements: the prices.
Don’t get me wrong, I am completely value-vintage home decor treasures, and I think don’t that people try to take advantage of me (well, mostly).
But sometimes my wallet just doesn’t have the means to get everything that I want, so that’s where the Mod comes hodgepodge. I’m so, in order to share six vintage-inspired excited decoupage projects with you . . . the give you the look without breaking the bank.
Sometimes it’s nice to invest in a true vintage home decor piece that you really love and then hand-make some items with him, don’t you think?
Have you heard of the blog-The graphics Fairy? This is your go-to site when it comes to vintage and Mod-hodgepodge. My friend Karen runs the site, collects all sorts of beautiful vintage graphics and offers free.
I know, it's awesome! You’s has a variety pictures that could go with a rustic farmhouse, French, or even a Victorian style.
I wanted to make a couple of decoupage projects, some of Karen’s goodies (as well as photos and other vintage inspired printables), and, of course, the Mod-hodgepodge to go along with him.
If you like vintage, you will love take a look at the projects below.
DIY Vintage Home Decor
Vintage label-DIY-wall-clock
Vintage-photo-transfer window
photo-plate and hook-and-display
Decorate the bottles with vintage labels
Vintage-inspired-table upcycle
kitchen tool DIY shadow box

You Can use a photo handbag for a few cents
Lining the inside of the dresser drawers
How to get a card at with Mod-hodgepodge