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Vintage-DIY-wall-shelf made Of wood-pulp

Use what got you’ve! This vintage-inspired DIY-wall-shelf-with-wood-scraps I had and sewing / art to a cool display.
Hi! It’s David from Cheltenham Road.
on my blog I’ve started a Use What you’ve Got project in a (somewhat desperate) attempt to clean a little of the backlog of odds and ends that have gathered together around the house. It’s everything, from color to wood doo-dads. It was going very well and the bunch are on the decline . . . easily.
Anyway, although I have no skills whatsoever, I come from a family of needle workers. My mother and sisters do amazing hand-work and so I thought I’T you do a project in your honor and make a small DIY wall shelf with vintage-sewing vibe.

For this project I used:

plywood for the supporters 21 x 21″ square
plywood for the base 21 x 3.5″
Three wooden squares* 7 x 7″
Three patent-image print
of Three wood spools (me sew my sister!)
A dowel (optional and not in the picture)
wood glue
small finishing nails (optional)
Matt Mod hotchpotch

* my wood squares are just super thin plywood as you’d find on the back of the housing. Any kind of thin, but strong material would work.em>

Hand-held electric sander
drill and drill bits
glue gun
Hand saw

I just started painting and then sanding the plywood for a slightly distressed finish.
I also cut the dowel to the bottom in 3″ pieces and stuck the coils in the wood.
(Using the anchor is’t absolutely necessary – you could be just the coils and glue in place. I wanted to see, they are super stable and the dowels, as you’ll be a bit more power)
After the Download, some funny patent-images-found I’d online with Google’s Patent Search. What you’ll have to do is search for the items that you like, and click the images and download. You can change the size, print and fit.
I size my squares (7″) and Mod Podged it in place. Once they dried, I paper came back with a piece of sanding lightly sanded the edges a little more vintage-y look.
The coils I on the hand had, were empty, but I wanted a little Pep – so I have scanned in some denominations, and in the size, this is as good (and in the process became very aware that I now have to add the spool label returns on spools, which was, admittedly, a bit silly).
I glued and nailed my vintage graphics in place, and sealed them with a layer of Mod to keep hodgepodge only you will be protected and easy to dust. I also use the ends of the controller with Mod sealed-smorgasbord.
next, I needed some of the holes. With a bit the size of my dowel I drilled three holes where I wanted to be my coil controller, and after marking where the shelf would go, I have to create a smaller bit, some of the holes.
I applied some wood glue to the back of the shelf, and hold it in place, screwed in from the back . .
And finally, after adding a little glue, I slipped the spool knob the place.
It's a fun project . . .
and I think my mother and sisters would be pleased with this DIY-wall-shelf.
to see If you’d like some more of my Use What you’ve Got projects, please head over to my Cheltenham Road-Blog, or you can visit me on Cheltenham Road on Etsy.

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