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Vintage Comic books pencil Cup for dad

Do you know someone who is super hero loves? This pencil Cup to fall, the power in comic books is the perfect gift! Dad will love it . . . also ideal for father’s day.

Hi guys! It’s Ashlee from My So Called Crafty life, today I'm sharing a fun project you can help the children to make for dad this father’s day.
fathers and nostalgic comics go together like peas and carrots. My dad loves super heroes such as Batman and Superman.
So, I found the old Superman and Batman comic from the 1950’s and decided to make it a fun-and-pencil caddy for his Desk with the comic books. If you want to don’t use comic books . . . grab some color copies of your favorites!
I found these funny wooden ship at the destination in the art section and thought it would be perfect for a collage of some of the comic cells. This project is ideal for children.
you can help design it by yourself, and with Mod-hodgepodge children to Wash, to take care of you don’t have a mess to clean the hard or the clothes from ruin, as it washes.
So grab the kids and some of the comic books and dad a special handmade gift!
Vintage Comic book-pencil-Cup
Here’s What you Need:

-Cup ( target)
Old Comics
Scrapbook paper
Mod hodgepodge children Wash
- scissors

The first thing you need to do is paint your wooden container, if you intend to paint it. Paint it to your liking and let it dry completely.
as soon As your ship is dry, you need to make your template for the triangles. Place a piece of paper on the ship and fold the paper over the raised area of a triangle, then trace the shape and cut. You can use this as a template.
With the template to cut out six triangles from your comic book. These will be the ones to the right side is the top. Then cut six triangles from your scrapbook paper for the upside-down-triangle-pieces.
you are Now ready to decoupage your triangles. You start on the bottom. Color a little medium on the back of the right side triangles.
Then you smooth it down on one of the lower triangles on your ship. Do the same with the other comic-triangle-pieces. Then decoupage the scrapbook triangles. Allow the product to dry.
you cansmoothing their papers on the cup with a brayer to get rid of wrinkles and air bubbles, if you have any difficulties.br> Once you have added all of your paper-triangles, and the whole ship is decoupages, you are ready to close it.
seal of the cup by painting a thin layer of Mod-hodgepodge children Wash on the upper side and the inner side of the container. Set aside to dry, and that’s it!
I love, like my pencil cup! I think I could use a little more for the other guys in our family.
I know my dad will follow love all the comic-books piece, and maybe he will be able to better his pens and pencils.
This project was really stir up quickly and very easy to make. If you have small children, you need to help you, but older children could easily make these on your own.
I hope that you will add that will make this project to your list of things to do for dad soon!
If you all would like to see more of my work you can find me on my blog, My so-Called Crafty life here.

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