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Valentine Decorations: Embroidery Hoop Wall Hangings

This Valentine's day-decorations are SO easy! Use fabric and Mod to create patchwork wall art with embroidery hoops. Hang anywhere you like.
I just love the valentine decorations! I have recently made this Valentine’s day embroidery Hoop wall art wall hanging The idea room shared, and I wanted you here, too . . . enough time for you to prepare for the big day.
These valentine decorations are ideal if you want to join some sizzlin’ living culture, and the children. Plus I know many of you sew; use these pieces of fabric. I’m usually a huge Grinch-ola when it comes to the day of the chalky heart candies and helium balloons, but my heart is a little softened, as I was making this. I believe in love!
Make embroidery Hoop wall hangings is a breeze, and once you start you’ll definitely addictive. To start, gather supplies.
Hoop wall hangings

embroidery hoops – any size
Mod patchwork fabric
fabric scraps in the colors of your choice
of felt scraps in the colors of your choice
FolkArt acrylic paint – I used pink and red
keys – the coordination of the
glue gun – I’m addicted to my battery
die-cutter or template for cutting flowers – I have my Sizzix Big Shot

you like to Collect fabric and felt scraps. If you don’t have a Valentine’s colors, Jo-Ann fabric fat Quarter sold. They are ideal for crafting. I wash and dry my fabrics before any project. I think you don’t stuck – it’s a lesson I learned from sewing camp “back in the day” and I’ve with it.
Prepare all your materials with a Mod patchwork fabric – a medium layer of Mod smorgasbord spread means the piece of fabric that is large enough to about the area you need to cut out. To prevent what the Mod hodgepodge is doing, is the fraying when you cut the fabric. It also adds some durability and makes it less flimsy when you put it in the Hoop. Sweet, isn't it?
to Paint both embroidery tyres and let them dry.
Once the fabric and embroidery-tires are dry, select two colors for the base fabric. I mean, pink and white. They Sandwich between the embroidery tire and tighten. Tip – I use a little craft glue on the inside of the embroidery hoop to make it permanent.
Cut your hearts out of the Mod Podged fabric. For this step I went back to my Kindergarten years – wrinkles, cut 1/2 a heart shape and unfold for you from a full heart. Hey, after all these years, it still works!
of the Mod-hodgepodge to attach fabric to the heart of the base. Cover the entire piece with Mod-hodgepodge; dryand then give it another coat.br> with the planning of your ornaments – Start; here you can see that I put some buttons and flowers I cut from felt. If you have a Sizzix Big Shot, I have the 3-D flowers by Beth Reames. If you don’t, no fear – you can cut felt with flower pattern and/or templates, which you can find on the internet. Search for “felt-flower-template” in Google and you’ll find tons of awesome results.
hot glue your ornaments to hang on the wall. Yes, my glue gun has a headlight. It seems strange, but is actually very helpful. I had no idea, until I have used it!! I have a love affair with my hot glue gun. Everything is dry before you hang.
you Want to hang another Valentine’s day project, you can on the wall? Try these Pottery Barn knock-off love canvas!

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