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Valentine boxes: 8 fun and Unique ideas!

A collection of 8 unique and fun ideas for Valentine's day boxes! This valentine box ideas are perfect for classroom, parties, home, and more – your kids will love this.skills Required: beginner to intermediate. Most of them are pretty simple . . . but some of them (like the ice cream truck) a little more time and probably parents’ the help. When I was young, I took great pleasure in my valentine boxes per year. I’ve put my whole, and Valentine’s day was one of those occasions that I always took my little crafty freak flag fly!My mother always got thoughts about Valentine's day boxes as well and would help me come up with some good ideas . . . then you&#has 8217;d buy the supplies for my version . . . or the stuff from the trash.I must say my mom was really good at the time of commissioning, cereal /Transport Container and some store bought supplies, some really unique and creative Valentine’s day mailboxes for us.of Course, you’d the most brilliant ideas of all of us, and then we would run. It was one of those times that my four brothers and I work together. We were absolutely thrilled that our boxes!Valentine’s Day boxesIf you’re in for some fun ideas for Valentine’s Day boxes for your littles, I’ve got some great ideas for you! While they look unusual, a lot of household supplies to be used (including recyclable materials) and they are fairly are easy to put together.Because what we’re all looking for, is a project that 1) is to create fun and 2) looks as good as possible for as little effort as possible. Now – maybe not all, but at least for kids with a short attention span!surfaces for Valentine boxesAlmost everything can be used to make this unique valentine box ideas! I recommend the boxes in the storage of cereal boxes, Shoe boxes, shipping, oatmeal containers, magazine holders, paper plates, and almost any paper material you can from the recycle bin.It’s funny, take the Form of a container, and visualize what it could be. I would like to do this with all sorts of hand work, but it’s especially fun for this kind of holiday crafts.colorFor this valentine box ideas (the ones with colors), I recommend the Apple-Barrel mark. The reason is because it’s water base, acrylic, and made in the USA. It’s safe for children and easy to clean. Plus, it’s budget-friendly!Valentine Box ideasThis homemade valentine boxes are going to delight your kids. And probably you too. If they take one to work and put them on your Desk, I won’t the fault. Check out these eight ideas for valentines boxes below!1. Cereal Box Valentine holderMake a Valentine's day box made from recycled-cereal-boxInexpensive and earth friendly! Turn leftover cereal cardboard containers into cute Valentine boxes. This is one of the easiest ideas we’ve seen – so simple that even a child can make their own. Once you’re filled, you simply take the handle and take it home.2. Panda-Valentine-Card-holder This is from a cereal box and paper plates! You can. the feet and eyes are circles with a wooden piece or foam rubber Have you ever used moss to use rubber? I love it, but don’t use it enough! Also – the pipe cleaner, bamboo is just about as cute as it gets.3. Whoo Will Be Mine? Valentine holderMake a Valentine's day owl from a cereal boxwould you like To a grain-field in an owl? You can!! It’s just a matter of cutting the pieces of paper, and Mod-pick-and-mix to apply. Decorative stamps can be used to the scalloped edges, but you don’t you. But what you need to do are the wiggly eyes. You can make Valentine’s Day box!4. Ice cream truck-Valentine’s Day BoxIce Cream Truck Valentine's day BoxThe ice cream truck is one of my favorite valentine box ideas of all time! This will probably need parental help for the installation, but I think it’s value, don’t you? It’s from a carton magazine holder, this is kind of (okay, completely!) Genius.tip: if you want to don’t, the templates suggested in the post, only with self-adhesive letters from the craft store. You can probably find ice-cream-cone-sticker, too!5. Valentine Box – looseValentine-Box-idea - LockerMake a Valentine's day box for school, actually school issues – with this cute locker! I love that this is made, of a value, the large fruit snack box . . . plus, you can decorate the interior as you want, as a child would to their real school locker!6. Frog Prince-Valentine's day mailbox I love it when a craft with several materials in a unique way. You can do this with cardboard from a shipping paper plates . . . and as the toes of the frog are hilarious, from popsicle sticks and wooden circles. This unique mailbox is just too funny!7. XOXO Valentine’s carrying the Dead a Lot of people do valentine boxes, but do you have bags? This is a great idea for teachers to have for their Desk! You can make with a cereal box. The “XOXO” and of stencils or adhesive letters.8. Unicorn Valentine’s Box Many little girls love valentine box ideas, the unicorns – and this is easy to make with a Shoe box and Duck Tape! You even used the hologram-duck-tape for the horn, which gives it a little pizazz . . . don’t you think?

If you have this unique valentines box ideas, check out this tutorial for this DIY valentine’s tic-tac-toe game! You can within sweets. It is a great gift that she can use again and again:

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