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Upcycle jewelry Box with Envirotex Lite

You know, like the transformation of a jewelry box thrift store find with a Mod collection and Envirotex Lite. It’s really easy and the results are beautiful!

I recently run a grace and shot a load of goodies for $15. One of the areas that I received was perfect, with a Mod collection and my absolute favorite resin is Envirotex Lite: a mini-jewelry box for $2.
I have a larger jewelry box, but I’ve been need to keep a smaller one on the counter for all of the jewelry pieces that I use regularly and need easy access.
This upcycle jewelry box, was a relatively simple project and I had everything on hand. Here’s how I made my new favorite decoupage piece.
jewelry Box with EnviroTex Lite
Collect These Supplies

old jewelry box
Envirotex Lite – I have about 3 ounces. a total of
the measuring Cup Set
Mod smorgasbord of Hard Coat
Scrapbook-paper – I have 2 sheets of Fancy Pants Designs, It’s the Little things
FolkArt Metallic paint – sequins-Black
Basic Grey Woolies stickers – Curio
painter’ felt;s Band
craft glue
Craft knife and Mat or scissors

Here you – is ready to be re-done. What a beautiful rose! I think I’ll chip.
I removed all the hardware, and the box followed on the back of the paper with a pencil.
I removed the glass from the lid of the box and followed you too.
Cut all the papers with your craft knife or scissors and set it aside.
Sand the jewelry box, wipe away the dust and then paint the box and lid with sequin Black. The paper is don’t have to paint the whole thing, just the outer edges as thick. Give several coats and set it aside to dry.
While your jewelry box is drying, Mod hodgepodge attach the paper to the glass.
glue the insert into the cover – let it dry (then you can let the color of the back of the lid with sequin Black and dry).
Coat your jewelry box with Mod smorgasbord and you smooth the paper down, working one side at a time.
the entire jewelry box, with a layer of Mod collection and drying. Give it a further coat of paint and allow to drylet.br> time to Envirotex for my project! Remember, it comes a bit out the sides of my lid . . . this is the Band. The only Band I could find, because someone has poached my painter’s tape!
because the tape I had to a mess on the back of my lid and I had to re-paint. Why do I have the tape? To keep the Envirotex to seep out of my cover.
Envirotex is a product that you NEED to read the instructions before use. Mixing cups are of crucial importance to ruin because it’s, that goes, whatever you put it in. You really should wear gloves. But I didn’t gloves. Rebel.
basically, you add the same amount of the white cap stuff and the black cap stuff. You need to stir thoroughly.
8217;m doing this on my coffee table, but that’s because I care don’t when I put it in a mess. You need to not use this product on a surface that is sure to be a mess.
Mix, Mix, mix . . . then pour in. It’s going to be first, and there are bubbles cloudy. This rises to the top and you exhale on the surface (pull your hair), all of them open. It’s kind of fun! Let it dry for 24 hours.
Replace all of the hardware. Add a decoration, you choose the top on the resin, though.
What do you think? I’m so happy with the finished result. I’m so proud of me, too, because my mess was minimal. What I love the most about my new jewelry box that it is a cool 3-D effect on the lid, with the paper in the background and the embellishment on the top. Yay!

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