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Unique Paperweight Shaped Like Gumdrops

You will learn how to air-dry clay, of the individual paperweights that look like gumdrops. These are so sparkly and fun – and you can change colors!
It’s no secret that I love sweets, and office /craft supplies (in fact, that pretty much sums up my Instagram feed, haha).
So it’s no surprise that I decided to make something cute for my Desk that looks like a piece of candy . . . Gummy DIY paperweight.
; ve hadUnique paperweight
What you need:

air Dry clay
- gloss-Mod-hodgepodge
Clear or white glitter
Optional: felt

What you need to do:
1. Roll out balls of clay. I have three, all very close to the same size.

2. Roll the balls in a cylindrical shape, and then slowly roll it so that one end is a little larger than the other end. Then turn your sound right-side-up, and make sure that the bottom is flat.
I've also rounded up a little bit. It doesn’t have to be completely smooth and perfect, because gumdrops are of course a little lumpy.

3. Let them dry for a few days. This is the difficult part of air dry clay . . . wait until it is dry!
4. When it is completely dry, paint them with acrylic paint. I have a couple of coats, each.

5. Now coat in a thin layer of glossy Mod hodgepodge, and cover them in a clear or white glitter. I have a very fine glitter that looks like a lot of sugar, but there's this huge gumdrops, a larger glitter would also look good.

6. Let this dry and then add another thin layer of Mod to hold the hodgepodge of the glitter from shedding everywhere.
to ensure that you don’t scratch your Desk or leave marks on your papers.

What do you think of my unique paperweight? Be to stop by lines and say Hello!

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