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Unique Gifts: Apple-Cider-Bottles

Take advantage of the FREE fall printables to create this unique, apple-cider-bottles – what a fun fall gift! Ideal for hostess or neighbors.
We just moved into a new neighborhood, this is a good mix of different age groups – we’ve got people with small children to people in their 90s. I always love life to a variety of people (the spice of life, right?) however, it has a bit of a challenge, if you have neighbors gifts.
When we moved into our neighborhood, the Builder, gave us a wooden transport rack with beer in it. The idea was nice, but not everyone drinks. We actually have our beer in a way gave! Since the fall of I wanted to is close to a neighbor's gift was autumn, and the risk is that everyone could enjoy.
So I thought I’d bottle of some local Apple cider and fun fall printables to go on the bottles! Sure, not every Apple wine, but 1) like you’re great if you add don’t like Apple cider and 2) the drinker can still alcohol, it.
; m going to show you how I can put this all together AND you grab the free autumn printables for your autumn gifts below!
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Apple Cider-bottles
This will Collect Supplies

glass bottles with wire swing-caps
autumn printables – green apple cider labels, and red Apple cider-labels
3 1/3″ x 4″ label sheets, adhesive – I used Avery 8164
ribbon or baker’s twine
gift tags
Dishwasher-safe Mod-hodgepodge (optional)

of Course, you’ll also apple cider must! The grocery store always has it if you can’t you find fresh in your area.
Print your selected labels on the label paper. For this printable, I settings recommend with the best/highest quality on your printer. You want your labels to look good!
note: if you can’t you find labels the Avery 8164, I strongly recommend you, the full sheet self-adhesive pages. You may already have some. You’ll have to do some careful cutting of the labels with scissors or a paper trimmer, but I know you can handle it!
Before you place your labels, and bottle of apple cider. You can trust me! If you don’t, you’ll find it to spill everywhere . . . and on the label . . . Lesson learned. Pour the cider in the bottle (with a funnel), and then clean the bottle, so it’s ready for label application.
to Peel your labels from the backer slowly, so that you don’t rip . . .
then apply the bottle from the inner side of the shows the label to the outside.
Smooth around the edges and then up to the top and to the bottom.
If any of the names hits&print#8217;t perfect, use your scissors to cut out (or if you are don’t a perfect fit/too large).
to Place your labels, as many apple-cider-bottles as you like. You give your neighbor one or more. You’re in love with the bottles!
Use your Sharpie and gift to write to day the names of your friends or neighbors.
Then bind the labels with baker’s twine.
your neighbors (family or friends) you will love this apple cider bottles! The verse to be able to add open those, the alcohol, what they give you . . . that’s up to you, right? Anyone can join, and I love it!
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