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Unicorn Iridescent Terracotta Flower Pots

These terracotta plant pots are inspired unicorn with iridescent cello wrap is applied with a Mod collection and confetti. Perfect for parties!

Hiii – Jessica from The Confetti Bar, the coolest confetti shop on the block, where we believe that happiness is to be celebrated!
-plant in pots are no exception (and you’re ideal for the cultivation of our biodegradable, plantable coverings made of Sproutfetti™ confetti mixes)!

unicorn Iridescent terracotta flower pots
Collect These Supplies

White ceramic planter(s)
iridescent cello wrap cut into small pieces
Mod-hodgepodge (you can use any kind, really, but if you want a little extra fancy try some Glitter Mod smorgasbord so you get a subtle glitter-effect!)sponge brushes (+ a plate, the Mod smorgasbord and you dip your brush for easy application)
Optional: Iridescent “snow” confetti/glitter

Start by covering your planter hodgepodge Shine.with a thin layer of Mod-br> Next, start adding small pieces of your dazzling, cello wrap, until you use your terracotta flower pots, which are covered (you Mod hodgepodge gloss as necessary, to glue it all).
-If desired-coat iridescent cello with a thin layer of Mod-hodgepodge and sprinkle on some glitter snow. Let dry completely.
Once your pots are dry, fill them with potting soil and plant your seeds. I recommend to plant some confetti, because what could be more fun and magical than that?!
We have a couple of different Sproutfetti options in our shop but if you want something special we also custom confetti options!
also check out our blog for more fun (so how about colorful DIY Confetti, succulents Terrarium), and we would be happy to see you around Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest!

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