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TV tray Turned Into a DIY craft table

Don’t throw out that used TV tray – turn it into a DIY craft table using fabric and Mod smorgasbord! Only the cover on the top side with your favorite pattern: so easy!
One of my favorite things, with Mod-hodgepodge is a repainting of furniture with fabric – I’m looking forward to this guest post from Jessica at mom 4 Real with you.
In your project? She turned an old TV tray into a small DIY-craft-table with a few pretty fabric, this is a great idea if you only have little space (like I did in the Mod-hodgepodge command center). I’ll let Jessica tell you about the conversion itself.

Hello! I’m Jessica from Mom 4 Real, here, my DIY craft table from a TV tray tutorial. I use this as a Mod smorgasbord table in my craft area because I was always Mod smorgasbord on my Desk.
We had a whole bunch of these, so I'm using it as a laptop Desk in my living room, and use one for each of my kids, either for a craft table or watch TV with snacks.
TV Tray DIY craft table
Collect These Supplies

Old TV-tray-table – I often find these at the thrift store
fuel – enough to cover the table
Hard layer of Mod hotchpotch
brush (can use a foam brush)
Brayer (optional)

Start with a tray-table – sand, if necessary. Depending on how transparent your material is, you might want to add a couple of layers of white paint on the top (especially if the table top is dark). If your material is transparent, the color of the table.
Paint thoroughly with a thin layer of Mod smorgasbord on the upper side of the tray table, making sure to coat.
Smooth fabric over the top, so that you can be sure that there are a lot of Links on each side to fold over the edges.
to Smooth with a rubber roller or Finger. Keep smoothing until all air bubbles are removed. If any Mod hodgepodge presses the sides, wipe it away with a brush.
Cut a slit in the fabric at each corner for folding, and tucking them under the tray, smooth out any wrinkles or bubbles which on the way.
to Apply the Mod-smorgasbord on the edges of the tray and under the tray. Smooth fabric over the edges and tuck under. You allow the substance to dry and then apply a thin layer of Mod hodgepodge over the entire fabric area. In order for the coat to dry and then apply another layer of Mod smorgasbord. The surface should be nice and smooth!

Thank you, Jessica, for your beautiful TV tray DIY turned craft table tutorial. Please visit at mom 4 Real for more craft and DIY goodness!

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