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Does Mod Smorgasbord Of Dry, Right? Here You Will Find Out!

Does Mod smorgasbord of dry, right? Find out the answer plus you'll learn more about these decoupage medium – tips and tricks for success!

Sometimes, if you’re a blogger, you can forget to answer the most basic questions that people, especially the newbies (you'll learn how to Mod hodgepodge here)! It’s a great question, I get all the time that I’d like to answer now:
Does clear Mod hodgepodge of dry,?
Let me give you the short answer to the question “no Mod smorgasbord of dry, right?” YES! Mod hodgepodge looks milky in the bottle, but when applied properly, it dries completely clear. But I want to don’t give you this short answer and then split, because I know some of you have situations, where the Mod-hodgepodge doesn’t dry, clear. So I’d like to now!
Here are a few scenarios in which your Mod hodgepodge may not dry clear! You see, if one of these scenarios, your situation:
1. Application of the Mish-mash is too thick. This is a common problem I see, if the reader knows me by E-Mail pictures of Mod-hodgepodge, yet. In General, there’s clump. Mod smorgasbord is best applied with several thin coats with dry time between each layer. And I get a TOTAL of, wait for it’s difficult, because I’m not a patient person, by nature. However, it’s best for the success of the project! Trust me.
And if you try to end up with lumps, I recommend to sand the clumps with a very fine-grained abrasive paper. It works pretty well, and you can usually do it perfectly, OR at least the end result (even if you can’t make it perfect).
2. You applied the Mod conglomeration of layers of Mod-hodgepodge of layers before it is fully dried. This is due to the above, but sometimes, to clump together rather than a thick layer of decoupage, several thin layers are applied. within minutes of each other Again – wait for the recommended 15 – 20 minutes. Trust me!
3. You applied the Mod smorgasbord in a small vessel. This happened to me once when I added decoupage to the interior of a very small mouth glass. It took days and it was still’t dry! I ended up, threw the project because, even after heating in the oven, I could still see me’t get the smorgasbord to dry. I found out that the air had to be able to dry in the glass, or it just wasn’t go to dry. Light bulb moment!
4. You live in a humid climate. All of the decoupage medium will take longer to dry in a damp climate. If you live in Thailand, it could take days. Maybe Months? Okay, I’m just kidding – but humidity extends the drying time.
5. You have a bad bottle. This is very rare. However, I have also the older I get E-Mails from people who used bottles that are 10 years old – sometimes even more. The recommended shelf life of decoupage medium, 6 months opened, two years unopened. Of course it could be longer, where you are, because it depends on a variety of factors.
Also, on occasion, I’m sure that you will produce a bad bottle – even if brand new –. You have to remember that millions of Mod hodgepodge of bottles are produced each year. You’ve got to expect that a few rotten apples. If you have any questions about your bottle, in particular, contact Plaid.
I hope this helps “clear” a couple of things for you? Haha!
Have you wondered, “no Mod smorgasbord of dry, right?” If Yes, let me know your thoughts or questions in the comments!

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