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Turn a wooden bird house In a Gnome bird feeder

Gnomes live out there – so it only makes sense that you would turn a regular bird feeder in a gnome bird feeder. Finished with Mod smorgasbord of Outdoor!
So . . . who here likes garden gnomes? Raise your hand!! Me mee meee! I'm the only one who raised my hand? Dwarves are so funny, and remind me of spring – like a bird house.So, I have a bird feeder for some of my family members with the spring colours and a happy gnome. You’ll need to start a bird house, and the rest is fun.
DIY-Gnome bird feeder
Collect These Supplies

wood bird feeder
FolkArt Outdoor acrylic paint – Burnt Umber, Fresh Foliage, Orange
Mod hodgepodge Outdoor
Martha Stewart Woodland Critters paper
Martha Stewart Gnome and Woodland sticker
Martha Stewart Log-Alphabet stickers
Cardstock – yellow, brown, orange
utility knife

Paint your birdhouses with the FolkArt colors. I used Fresh Foliage for the sides, Burned, burnt umber for the roof and orange for the perch.
This Outdoor paint is self-sealing and is really durable so that you can well place it outside. (PS – I have just the edges of the pages, where I will cover you with paper).
While waiting for that to dry, I cut the papers to fit to my bird feeder. I have a design on three sides, and a different (woodgrain) - design on the roof.
It takes a minute, but it’s really about measuring and cutting carefully to the exact fit – so it’s not hard, just time consuming.
In this time I have also cut my Sizzix Big Shot, you the mushroom shapes. You don’t have to do that, though – you can draw and cut by hand so easily.
Paint, with a middle layer of Outdoor Mod smorgasbord on one side of the bird house.
Keep the (beautiful) trimmed the paper and smooth thoroughly. Let it dry for 15 – 20 minutes, and repeat on all sides.
Once dry, paint a coat of Outdoor Mod hodgepodge all over the bird feeder. Let it dry and repeat.
I fixed all the embellishments with craft glue, then the whole birdhouse was a third layer of Outdoor Mod-hodgepodge (including the decorations)., and make sure it’s extra durable, adding an e-mail outdoor sealer (this is optional). Now you can enjoy your happy gnome bird feeder.

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